It lags when idling

So, my problem here is that my windows 7 is lagging pretty badly when its on idle mode like for 1 minute and so. Then when i'll move my mouse and it'll run back smoothly again. Please kindly help me.

PS: Sorry for my bad english though. :)


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I am not exactly sure how a machine can lag and be idle at the same time.
Can you try to be a bit more specific as to what you are actually observing and how, with respect to the lag.

Whenever I'm watching a video or playing a game my PC after 1 minute
or more begins to get laggy and slow, as if it's being throttled.

I have to move my mouse just a little and everything goes back to full speed. Its really frustrating and I cant play my game like or watch videos. Any advice on how to resolve this?


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It's probable that you have power savings going wrong way. Means, your computer goes to sleep / hibernate --- then it awakens when you move the mouse.
Check: Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Power Options --- and times set there. You could try with "Never".

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