Laptop crashes IRQL not less or equal (ntoskrnl.exe)

Can you upload to some other site? I'm leery of that one. is typically a good one since it uploads to a number of more reputable sites.

Also, you'll want Driver Verifier on again, and let it produce more crashes for us to read crashdumps from. Thanks.
Hello. I know but I have already deleted the gathered files from trash. Speedy share is a reliable site. I have been using it for quite some time now. Just click on the link where it says the W7F name with the zip extension (you have to click on the title once the page loads up to download the file)


Doh, was looking at wrong link. Either way, I check them, and they didn't really provide anything valuable. We'll need Driver Verifier again.

I'll have to read the link ->> Driver Verifier Settings again to refresh my memory, it's been a while. Anyway the BSOD's usually happen when I watch videos online (streaming/youtube/etc.). The difference between now and several months before (when I started this thread) is that I have bought myself an coolermaster cooler and I have downloaded the old nvidia graphic's drivers from the asus website under my laptop series category. Didn't really change anything, well at least I tried.

When I read the verifier thing, I'll set it up and post as soon as something happens.


Here is another link to my newly updated files. I got the BSOD right after turning the verifier on and restarting my laptop. Wasn't able to turn windows on, and lost a whole hour just trying to get my laptop back to work and get internet up and much sh** happened I don't have the strength to even write it here.

Here is the link, and also there are two pictures inside which have my screen captured. - Speedy Share - upload your files here


I hope you were aware that the article instructed on the potential case of if Driver Verifier caused a boot loop, which sounds like that is what was happening. It's just a matter of going into Safe Mode and turning DV back off.

Anyways, Some WinCDEmu driver was caught by Driver Verifier as the cause, and it correlates very well with your previous crashes. Uninstall the software and use an alternative software if you need a virtual cd.

However, the problem was actually because the driver reported to Windows that it had no more resources left to handle the I/O given it, which is quite the same as the one I witnessed in the past crashdump I analyzed. Whether this is because a bug in its own code is actually causing it to use up all its allocated memory, or some other driver is causing a memory leak, I'm not sure. I may get a better answer if I had the kernel dump (MEMORY.DMP in Windows directory) from your latest crash. Zip up and upload to somewhere like

Even so, I recommend getting rid of the virtual CD emulation software and just test if system is stabilized.

I was aware of that, and eventually I did reboot into cmd with networking but internet still didn't work so I runned the verifier and disabled everything. But after reboot I still wasn't able to connect to the Internet. So I tried various things that I usually do to fix my connection from disabling the adapter, reconnecting the cable, etc etc... Didn't work so luckily I made a system restore right before I started tampering with anything so after the restore I was able to connect to the internet and everything else worked fine too.

As for winCDemu, I'm not sure what does that have to do with video playback and my previous BSOD's with nvidia and directx. If you think that something is really wrong with the drivers for that program I'll remove it.

The file you requested had 523MB so I had to archive it into rar and upload it onto mirrorcreator. Here's the link, I hope you find what's been causing memory leaks.

Download links for MEMORY.rar - Mirrorcreator - Upload files to multiple hosts


Driver Verifier wouldn't have caused such behavior. Were you continuously trying to enter Safe Mode w/ Networking, or were you losing internet connection on normal Windows startup as well? If so, that sounds conducive of a network driver/hardware issue right there.

Yes, the drivers for WinCDEmu continuously show up in the crashing thread, and DV actively pointed out that it's doing something funky. However, again as explained before, the funky thing it was doing is just notifying everyone that it lost resources to perform the I/O.

Hmm, this dump file is unusually large when zipped up. They typically compress heavily because of all the empty unused kernel memory. What this is already telling me is that there may very well be a memory leak somewhere. Again we'll see once I dive into it.

I entered into safe mode with networking only once. Saw that net wasn't working so I couldn't contact you here. After that I disabled the verifier settings and normally logged into windows after a restart (and the whole mumbo jumbo with the system restore which I mentioned before cuz I wasn't able to connect to the net even after I logged into "normal" windows OS).

Since now you are guessing that something might be wrong with the network card, I just want to point out that I'm a student, and live in a student dorm. They have high speed internet in the whole building and it's protected. By protected I mean we have to install a security programme on our computers with which we authenticate oureselves that we are students of that and that university (all students have their own user name and password). Well all in all it's kinda hard to explain, cuz I don't know how all this works in other countries or even USA. But anyway if there really is a problem with the network card, well since this is a laptop there isn't much to do besides to throw it away.


P.S- This is getting more and more serious, nvidia drivers, directx, wincdemu, and now possible networking problems.... How the hell is anything working on my pc in the first place.

EDIT: The point is, maybe the security program has to do something with the networking/authentication/connection on my laptop. Just a thought.

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That would explain lack of internet. The security program probably has a driver and/or a service that has to be loaded in order to communicate with the network. If the network does not see it, the network connection is dropped, hence no internet. That's why it wasn't working on Safe Mode, because in that limited environment only the most basic drivers and services are loaded, and the security program isn't one of em. A very similar setup is done at the hospital I work at.

I'll take a look at the kernel dump when I have time today.

That is exactly what I had in mind. But I doubted it because the "no internet" problem continued even after normal logging into windows. Luckily system restore saved the day.


Sorry bout the wait. Had so many crashdumps from so many people that I got em mixed up and had to redownload em.

I checked this one, and unfortunately this doesn't appear to be the crashdump from the last crash that I wanted. In fact, this crashdump is worthless, in that it's completely corrupted.

You'll need to get Driver Verifier enabled again, get it to crash once, then turn it back off in Safe Mode and upload the kernel dump again.

Has there been any development since WinCDEmu has been removed?


Sorry I havent been updating you here, but I have a lot of exams and stuff to do in this final month so I just can't risk loosing my laptop currently. I will probably give up on finding the problem, cuz I don't have the time for fidling with it. Thanks for your time, I won't be bothering you anymore with this nonsense problems.



another BSOD happened all by itself (I wasn't testing anythin, nor did verifier run). I rar-ed the memory.dmp and grabbed the W7F files once again. If you can find something usefull here ok, if not, then nvm.

Download links for W7F_04-06-2013.rar - Mirrorcreator - Upload files to multiple hosts
Download links for MEMORY.rar - Mirrorcreator - Upload files to multiple hosts


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