Laptop restarts itself whenever I try to play music.

Every time I start playing music (VLC) my laptop restarts. I have been experiencing this for more than a month. Tried reinstalling drivers and even Win7 but nothing seems to help.
Previously it used to give me a BSOD restart but since the last time I reinstalled Win7 after formatting the laptop it just restarts and asks me whether I want to start windows in safe mode or normally.
This is really disastrous since I am used to continuous music.
Please help.
Thank you.

Windows 7 Ultimate
Toshiba L310 notebook
Intel Core 2 Duo 2.00Ghz
4 Gb Ram

Submit the crash dumps from C:\Windows\Minidump.


Its not a BSOD anymore therefore no dump file. Used to give BSOD but since I reinstalled, no dump files and unfortunately for me, I did not save the old dump files.
I do have a MEMORY.DMP file but it is 212mb in size.
Is there anywhere else I can look for an error log or something?


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No Minidump folder in Windows directory in spite of turning on all the options for it.
But I have a Memory.dmp file.
Here is the .rar file - Memory.dmp
Hope this helps.



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You probably need to be in the BSOD forum, but you can set your system to write mini dump files using Advanced System Settings.

If it shuts down with music, there is probably some type of driver conflict, or a bad driver, and I suppose a hardware conflict of some type.

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