Windows 11 Left click problems in Windows 11.


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I upgraded to Windows 11. All was fine except after ~1 day, the mouse left-click becomes unstable.
The mouse's left-click only works some of the time, else no response.
eg when 2 apps minimised in taskbar at bottom, clicking on them doesn't maxmise.
After a further hour, there is also the Windows whirling blue circle (ala please wait) but nothing happens, and Windows get progressively unstable.
If I reboot, everything works again, but I would rather fix the problem than a temporary bandaid solution every day or so.
I check the mouse drivers and they are up to date.
The same mouse worked fine in Win 10.
I tried "sfc /scannow" but that didn't fix the problem.
Any suggestions?
Have you tried to see if RELIABILITY MONITOR can give you any hints of the issue?
I have never heard of it so I tried it.
For latest date, "Application failures" said:
StartMenuEperienceHost.exe Stopped responding and was closed
Skype Stopped working
No action was recommended... and I don't use Skype.
Any suggestions?
I tried both above options, but none stop the problem. They seem to be a symptom rather than the cause.
So every day my mouse and Win 11 work fine, then out of nowhere the mouse starts to fail, as per my 8:58pm post.
Only rebooting daily (usually twice) fixes the problem, and each reboot is very slow ~5 minutes.