Right-click & Left-Click mouse issues in Windows 10


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Has anyone else noticed that our mouse has become severely unresponsive in Windows 10 RTM since sometime between November, 2015 until now ??
It's beyond annoying that it takes 4+ right or left click's to get a response from the mouse in Windows 10.
Worst yet is Microsoft seems to only be interested in releasing new features, instead of fixing the buggy features first.

Hi brkkab! Which mouse are you talking about? I haven't seen any chances in my wireless mouse Logitech.
Have you tried a different mouse??;) Have you tried a different driver??


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It's with wired USB 2.0 mice. It persists with trying 2 different mice. A Microsoft one & a Logitech one. Right-clicking is really bad. Usually takes 5-10 clicks. Left rarely works the 1st time, but is usually 4+ clicks.
It wasn't like this, until Microsoft started releasing newer versions of Windows 10 to everyone.

Hi friend! What version of W10 are you running. Type winver in your search bar!


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Windows 10 Pro x64 version 1511 10586.218

Ok Same version as mine! yours is Pro. Mine is Home! I'm not having any problems with my mouse.
Have you tried a different port ?? I'm using a wireless logitech! Maybe try to update the driver.
I don't know?? I suppose a windows update could have caused the problem? I'm not aware of anyone else having a issue.
Maybe other members will have a suggestion for you!


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Theres a slim chance it's due to malware. Boot into safe mode and test the mouse.


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It's not a driver. That I know. I run Raxco's PerfectUpdater everyday. It's also not a outdated software, either. Secunia PSI say's my pc software is up to date, as does Bitdefender Internet Security 2016's vulnerability scanner.
It's obviously a Windows 10 issue.
No malware on pc and for that matter hardly any junk files. I guarantee under 100mbs. I keep my pc real clean.


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Have you tried another USB port? If not try that. Sometimes that works. If you got a wireless mouse use the same USB port your using now and see if that works. If not then it sounds as it may be a bad driver.


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In the process of building my new pc. I'll be using it by the 10th of next month. This one get's put away for a few months, until I have 3 more new parts. 2 new video cards and a new bigger ips monitor. Then this one get's sold.


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No, I haven't tried different usb ports yet. Maybe, I'll try that later today. Have to do some work on the new pc build later today, first. My new mobo needs to come out. Bad cpu header. Plus, I have some rewiring in my new case and 2 fans I still have to put in it. I need to do that today, as I'm being operated on tomorrow. Then I'm switching bedrooms on Saturday, so I'll be wore out then.


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Just switched usb ports and issue is still there.


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I haven't seen any problems with my Logitech mouse, it works the same as is has for the last year.
Have you tried removing it in Device Manager and letting Windows set it up again?

Also do you get the same thing when using a different mouse?



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Yes, still the same. Same thing with either mouse.

Hi friend! You have probably already tired this. Find the port where your mouse plugs in device manager. Uninstall the port and let windows reinstall it or see if there's a update. Hope this makes sense. My Computer vocabulary leaves a lot to be desired some times.
I use a lot of screen shots!:rofl:;)


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I did that already. It didn't fix the issue. I'm beginning to wonder if it's a issue between AMD & Windows 10. As AMD really hasn't introduced any new chipsets/motherboards since 2012.
If that's the case, my issue will personally be solved by the 2nd week of May, as my new skylake pc will be done and this AMD one will be sold.

I have AMD and I'm not having any problems. I'm running on a 5 year old Toshiba laptop.
9/2/2015 !
AMD Driver Autodetect


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Well. AMD is sill way behind Intel in most areas. My 990FX motherboard is their most recent chipset and it's still 2012 era. I'm not expecting much from their next cpu line. That's why I switched to Intel on my new build.
The only thing AMD is ahead on is video cards. Wait for Nvidia's next line and that will most likely change.


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**SOLVED** Apparently my 2 mice were going bad. I decided to try a new one and the issue went away.


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Glad you got it solved. Post #2 & Post #13 had recommended you change to a different mouse. It looks like you did this, and the replacement mouse was also bad! Dang, I've done that a few hundred times I guess. :redface::redface:

Clients call me all the time with mouse problems.:rolleyes: If it's a wireless mouse, I always asked them if they changed batteries. They usually say "Yep". And then I ask them if they were brand new batteries out of the package, or just grabbed out of their junk drawer or out of their TV remote. Telltale sign is a pause of from 3-4 seconds on the phone!!o_O That fixes mouse problems so often, it's not funny.:serious: It also saves them a very expensive service call to their home. Wired mice, it's usually a dirty-ball on old style mechanical mouse that simply needs to be removed, blown out and wiped clean. Optical Mice, sometimes it's a simple as cleaning a lens or seeing if the User is not using a good mouse pad. Occasionally it's a bad driver from an update.

I just wanted to add, that I run five(5) W10 machines currently at my place, and they all got updated with the November update to the .218 version and none of them experienced any Mouse related issues or hinkiness. True for wired and wireless mice alike.:D I just mention this for other people reading this thread who are also experiencing Mouse problems post-November update. It's most likely something else going on with your computer, or even a bad mouse or two! ;)

Hope your surgery goes well so you can get better and finish building that new PC!:up:


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