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I must say, I have had far fewer problems with 7 then with Vista. As for for 7 itself, I have found that programs that state they are made for 7 such as Registry problems, Tweak programs, and Anti-Virus Anti-Spy programs are very well behaved within 7. But, where 7 will please most people is it is less bulky, better user environment, and certainly easier to handle. Vista was certainly not exactly any of the above, and tends to still not be any of the above even with Service Pack 2, which I still consider that one to be something would have been nicer for them to have done a little more with before it was released. Oh well, on with 7 and for once I believe Microsoft may have actually done their best job yet and since XP.

I just wanted to add that I also experienced several glitches with windows 7. Taskbar will disappear(until I reboot), Icons turning into black squares (still trying to figure that out), Network problems and nothing but trouble when I tried out windows dreamscenes. I'm not throwing in the towel yet mainly because I like a good puzzle and have nothing but time on my hands. I can certainly see how it would be frustrating for someone who doesn't have time for that kind of stuff. And sorry, but I don't believe anyone who says they are not experiencing some kind of bug with this brand new OS.


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I'm sorry if it sounded like I was saying W7 gave me absolutely no problems at all. There have been a few. 4 of my 8 USB ports still don't work. I'm pretty sure that's because VIA gave them a bad driver though. XP left me sitting scratching my head wondering what was going on a lot of times. I reinstalled XP time after time because it would get all screwed up. I think W7 runs a little better.

Yes, I have glitches with XP too. And I expect that MS will get things worked out with 7 in a timely manner with a service pack.(Hopefully before march)
I have not bought vista so I will at some point have to go with 7 x64 completely. or wait years for 8.

we have pro's and cons for all operating systems, they aren't all gonna be perfect even though we all wish they were. but some are coming very close.


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And sorry, but I don't believe anyone who says they are not experiencing some kind of bug with this brand new OS.
It may be horses for courses. I have reiterated this in other threads. I have as standard, two stationaries and a laptop. The Laptop is quite superior (21" screen) but three years old. The stationaries are nothing outstanding but reasonably up to date.
I am not a "State of art" user and do not play graphic intensive internet games. With that in mind, my worst and oldest graphics card is in the laptop (Nvidia 7600 Go). I have a Network Brother multi-function printer, a vintage USB laser (HP2100) and, on my lan, a fairly new Brother Laser (DL 2035). Amongst this I have infrared ,bluetooth and card reader facilities. There is also a webcam on the Laptop. I should add that I also use two digital cameras through the USB,s without problems, but that is a minor function.

I have been installing and reinstalling since the first supplied build. Without my intervention, the installations have found and installed all the hardware. I have not experienced any software glitches except for errors due to my own experimental customisation.

I do not doubt for one moment that others have problems. As an active helper on this site and others, that is perfectly obvious to me. I respect your doubts but it does appear to be, in many cases, the "luck of the draw". Not satisfactory, but, given time, perhaps users will, hopefully, find reasons for their individual failures.

And sorry, but I don't believe anyone who says they are not experiencing some kind of bug with this brand new OS.
I also wish to reiterate that I do not have any problems of any kind.
Other than third party software not working due to poor coding. I even have software I never thought would work, that absolutely does work,,, old 95 days 16bit apps that work without issue.

But, I also am running on a well made Intel board and Intel CPU, with well made kingston ram and Seagate HDD's.
Yes,,, Hardware makes a difference, doesn't matter how old or new it is. I don't use (through experience) ABIT, ASUS, BIOstar, MSI or any other so called board with a ton of bells and whistles and options that for the most part don't really help anything. I went through 2 ASUS boards back in XP days that, one blew up, the other was ok, but still produced problems that others would attribute to windows. I have an ABIT IC7G that has been ok, till the northbrige fan failed and fell off and I had to rig it with another small fan. It works, but produces BSOD's on a regular basis.

On the right Hardware, 7 and Vista are very solid OS's. XP is pretty solid after SP2. But on inadaquate, just plain bad hardware, well,,....

The last place I worked, we used nothing but Intel Boards, and of the several hundered that I built, there were only a few (less than 10) that I had to replace boards on,,,, a couple CPU's had to be replaced, and some HDD's failed. Most all of these items failed on Burn-In.

Of the systems that went out the door, the largest majority of them that came back were due to Virus/Spyware related issues. A couple HDD's and 1 or 2 mobo's. So, the track record speaks for itself.

Most of those people didn't complain about stability issues with Vista. They didn't like the change. That was the biggest complaint that we did get.

So, just keep in mind, that a large majority of issues can be attributed more to User Error, Drivers, Hardware, Third Party software conflicts, internet usage (spyware/malware/viruses .. seen and unseen) which cause OS corruption and instability.

That is not to say that Windows is flawless,,,,, but on average, it is not windows itself that is the problem.
But some combination of the list above. This is the crux of the matter, and getting people to realize this, unfortunately, is not easy.

Of the hardware that can cause OS/data corruption...... Failing HDD and Memory,,, inadequate or failing Power Supply (believe it or not).

Yes, I agree! It is a lot easier to blame something else. You can't blame 7 because there are many parts in a computer. So odds are it something else. Right! I have no doubt that I have issues with hardware compatibility But my hardware is not that old(and I have downed their updated drivers when available) and I'm pretty sure that it was around while they were developing 7. Like I said in an earlier post I hope they have fixed my bugs by march. I will return to XP after that if they haven't got a fix for my hardware problems. Whether it's the hardware manufacturers fault or not does not really matter to me.

Ok,, well,, I say it again,,,,,

If 7 and Vista for that matter,,,, are sooooooo unstable,,,,, then why is it that I have never, not once had any,,, not one single stability issue with either. As many many others. It is you dude,,,, not Windows,,,, YOU!

If the problem truly was a problem with Windows..... then I and many others would suffer the same problems,,, wouldn't we?
Or are we lying? That's the only other explanation. All of us who do not have any stability issue would have to be lying if it were a problem with windows. But it's not,.,.,,, it is YOU!
There's a lot to be said for 'User Error' or my favorite term 'Broken User'.. ;)

This is just to make a/the/my point:

Forums, such as the 1 here, exist, largely, because certain, IT things are known/expected to be, let's say, fodder for helpful/interesting discussion.

A lot is subjective, opinion, fact, suppositition, conjecture, suggestions, solutions... a diverse mixture.. some concrete, some less so. All is of value but, my not be in agreement for all people, on all systems, at all times, w/ all apps, etc.

Some things ( queries, issues, comcerns, problems ) are caused by a plethora, a cornicopia of factors... the End User, #1 (sorry), the hardware and...

I question where comparision blurs w/ bitching. I recall whilst I was travelling in Europe years ago... It was striking how some took things @ face value & all was cool. Others compared to "back home" & nothing seemed as good or sensible as "back home"... I always asked, "Why the hell would it be better or worse/.. it's (just) DIFFERENT!

Beta testing (& R&D time) is to address flaws & changes. I personally, tend to be positive, optimistic, about the performance/functionality of Windows 7 RTM or GA. I'll learn, adapt & do the best I can to enjoy it. I need to know what was (previous OSs), also, in my case, for the sake of clients & legacy support. Beyond that, I would still go Windows 7 due to the lastest (OS) happens to be the best... hang on... That is not always the case... Vista was not the best.

I will be bold enough to say some troubles are a matter of attitude & that things are not always black or white but, lots of grey due to personal views and I will say bashing & feeling what was, was (is always will be) better, oft is not so constructive.

The are no obligations, not to migrate to an OS or to hardware. There may be suggestions that the idea merits some attention; there may be very good reason to apply this 'now', in the near future or just inevitably w/ exact time currently unknown. Sooner or later, for one reason of another... beter or worse (than prior) or just plain different OR a combo of all the above! We'll help, we'll discuss, we'll have stuff that doesn't work quite right, we'll have likes & dislikes & assorted visions. All takes acceptance & adaption and a smile about the road ahead. Sure you can not thake the journey, FOR NOW but, sooner or later...

Thanks for listening.


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