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Found a post to fix a printing problem to a mac based usb printer. I can not find my LPR port monitor in my Windows 7 starter. The directions say "...open Print and Document Services item and then enable the LPR Port Monitor item..." but I fo not show a LPR port in my print and document services folder.

Any ideas as to where to find this or if I hae it in Windows 7 starter??


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What type of port are you using on the Win7 computer for printing? Perhaps they were talking about converting a TCP/IP printer port to using LPR. If you have a TCP/IP printer port, and you open Devices and Printers, select your printer and near the top you will see "Printer Server Properties" on the "Ports" tab select the "Standard TCP/IP Port" and choose the "Configure Port Button" change the radio button from "Raw" to "LPR" and give it a port name something like "PORT1" should work fine. If you are not using TCP/IP printing then you could perhaps try adding a port, choosing "Standard TCP/IP Port"
try adding the IP address of the host of the machine sharing the printer and proceed from there converting it to and LPR port; however this type of printer port is generally used for network attached printer with there own IP address and you may have more success going the "Local Port" route for host based shared printers.
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