Missing Microsoft Word in the 'New' column


I wanted to create a new Microsoft Word document on desktop but found that the MS word icon was missing in the 'New' column. Why is it that and how can I recover the icon?

Thank you very much for your help:p:p:p



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Go into Control Panel > Programs and Features and repair Office, that should fix it.

I tried it, but it didn't work...

I can find the MS Office apps in the Start of Windows 10, but I just can't find it in the New Column (as shown in the attached image). Thanks for your help.


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Hmm... Did you recently install Office and if so is it activated?

No, I installed it last year. But I've succeeded in restoring the MS Word icon in the context menu by installing New Menu Editor. Thanks very much for your help.:p:p:p:p


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Glad to hear you found a solution.. :)

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