Missing send to > desktop shortcut.

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    Did sfc /scannow. Results were 100% OK

    "normal" Send To context Menu should look like this:


    My Send To context Menu contains entries as follows:

    Secure delete
    DVD RW Drive(D:)

    Tested Send To to NOTEPAD with a doc file, a txt file and a jpg file. Send To works for all entries (I did not test unlocker)

    I could remove the entries, but I do not think they are doing any harm.

    My (shell:sendto) sendto folder contains:

    Here I do not see anything to do with a DVD, although this does work. And I also see the Desktop (create shortcut) and Documents.mydocs, both of which do not appear in the context menu.
    The Desktop (create shortcut) entry is new (date 10/06/2009), created from the procedure suggested by whs (I´ve tried this one several times in the past!) as is the documents entry (date 21/11/2011), also created from that procedure.

    The DEFAULT and DEFAULT USER sendto folders look like this:

    All Desktop.ini files are the same.
    I have 3 users showing up in the Properties/security view, all have full control. The owner of NOTEPAD and DESKTOP is Administrator, the owner of compressed Folder is PeterN (me=Administrator).

    That´s about all I can find on the subject.

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