Mouse not working properly in w7


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did that but it didnt help :(\

Its kinda weird. because i dont really think its the mouse because it works good sometimes and other times it just makes me pissed because if have to click a dozen times for it reacts. i've never had any problems before with the mouse. could it be a win7 bug?
No not a windows 7 bug . It could be if all else has been tried the mouse itself is faulty .

Mice are cheap to buy would not hurt to try another and compare the result :)

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yea picking one up tomorrow ;)

Thanks for the help everyone!

PS/2 mouse problem

I have a problem with my PS/2 mouse (Windows 7 - 64 bit) in that a single click (I have set windows to execute on a single click) does not always work and I have to click a second time - usually second click works. I noticed that there are two mouse device drivers (HID Compliant) and PS/2 compatible). Could this be the problem? I am not sure why 2 devices drivers for a single mouse?

Any suggestions? thanks

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