Windows 8 My new computer is finally all set up!!


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I forgot how much work it is to really start over with a new computer.
But I think I have everything installed and set up.

It took longer because I started off using the Metro interface, but I finally gave up on it and did things the way I'm used to.

Here's my desktop.
I run virtually everything from here.

Mike Desktop.JPG

Here's how my Rocker Dock Bar is set up.

Game Icons.JPG
Games Section.

Computer Maintance.JPG
Computer Maintenance.

Graphics and Video.JPG
Graphics and Animation.

That pretty much takes care of everything.
I can access 98% of what I need right from there.

The Jug of Junk, and the Flask of Files is where I store stuff temporally before moving it to someplace else or deleting it.

One click on the Start Button and I can see everything that is on my computer all in one place. But with folders so it isn't spread all over the screen.

I can work back and forth from program windows to the desktop instantly and I can have multiple windows open.

The programs that I want to have available when I have a window open, like Word, Chrome, Agent Ransack, Skype, the Snipping Tool etc, go on the Task Bar.

Well that's it for now.

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Joe S

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Glad you got it going. I think some of the people forget how much time it really takes to get it right. I'm waiting until I get a new PC upgrading isn't worth the effort to me and replacing software that won't work or that I got free at give away of the day. Have you tried hyper V yet? I wasn't impressed with earlier virtualization efforts by MS.


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Mike, Make sure you create an Image ASAP. I also create new Images after each patch Tuesday Update. Also, have you tried File History? Very nice for syncing data. Since my data needs are minor I only run it at the same time I create an Image, and store the File History backups on the same Ext. HD. This works very well.

Hyper V is a let down. Don't bother. If you really want virtualization use VMware or another 3rd party app.