My Outlook shuts down continually since the update last night night.

I'm running a desktop with 7 Pro. Since last night's update, Outlook begins to load, gets to a certain point and stops. I open an email and Outlook shuts down. Advice?

Quick update - I have now run re-installs of Office (Outlook) and repair, downloaded all updates, re-booted, and all the other really basic things I could think of doing. Outlook now gets past the splash screen and shuts down. Help!

we also installed this update earlier, and are experiencing the same problems, currently trying to uninstall all the updates.
Come on Windows get a fix out to sort this out.

Hi Grace! Found the answer! Uninstall update file
KB 3097877. It's a faulty patch.

Thanks Cindy but that can't be what's causing the problem for us, looked for the update first, then searched by the KB number, it's not on the latest updates we have. What area did you find it in?

Decided to try a full system restore, that has worked, so we are now back to where we were. Altered the windows set up so it now has to ask permission to do any updates, will look for fixes to the problem the latest updates caused before we agree to any more.
Thanks for your suggestion, I will keep a look out on the forums for any further information on this issue.

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