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I keep getting a message that my microsoft .net framework 2.0 is not on the computer at each start-up. When I attempt to load it from the site, I get a message that the updates are not necessary for my computer. As I look at the site, there is a 4.0 beta, but this seems to be for developers, which I am not. Thoughts on how to resolve this?

It is an upgrade install from Vista. HP Pavilion Athlon X2, 64bit system. Been running updates for device drivers, etc. Recently was able to complete a new install on iTunes so that is finally working. also downloaded that RegistryBoost that is advertised and there are a couple of recurrent install issues that keep coming up everyother restart.

The Registry thing is the Registry Boost that this web site has on it, (as posted next to the Windows 7 Forums Toolbar) thus thinking it was trusted and would be a help.

By popping up, I am referring to the window which says that Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0 must be installed each time that the computer reboots.

My iTunes is actually working very well now that I re-installed it. Previously it was locking up whenever I went near the store.

I use K-7 security for virus/malware/etc. though W7 turned off that firewall and put its own on.

I ran the malware. one issue was noted and removed. I also removed the Registry Boost and then ran my K7.

This is an upgrade ontop of Vista Home Premium. The computer was purchased new a month ago and came with the offer for the upgrade to Windows 7.

In looking over the Updates, there are no .Net updates offered.

This is indeed an odd issue.. ;) My first suggestion would be to scrap the upgrade install and go the Clean Install route as this sounds like a Vista related error.. ;) That being said, I realize a Clean Install isn't always an option for everyone..

I'm curious, did this issue start the second you finished the Upgrade or did it take a few reboots before the error began popping up? Are you running the 32-bit version or 64-bit version of Windows 7?

It started immediately when I loaded up W7.

I'm running 64 Bit system.

It started immediately when I loaded up W7.

I'm running 64 Bit system.
Interesting.. Have you tried reinstalling? Maybe try doing a clean install this time around.. ;)

I spoke with HP on their live help line. They showed me where in programs to activate components of Windows. The .Net Framework 3.5.1 is now active, but the message still keeps coming up. I will try to save my files and then do a clean install if no other suggestions come up.


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On my computer .Net Framework 3.5.1 is turned on but all of the features aren't. "Windows Communication Foundation HTTP Activation" and "Windows Communication Foundation non HTTP Activation" are both unchecked. What are those all about? Are they something I should enable?

Also .Net Framework versions 1.1 and 2.0 were needed for different softwares in the past. Does Version 3.5.1.cover the things that were covered by the earlier versions?


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Thanks Drew.

I have found the culperate: Lexmark!!!!

I spoke with HP for several hours and they could not find a solution. One individual suggested I simply make another user account. It didn't work either.

I was able to save (I think) my documents and music and so I went with a clean install. The error stopped showing up. I then attempted to begin to load some items back on. The Office 07 went in well. When I loaded up the Lexmark, the error showed back up. According to Lexmark, all aspects of the programs they sold have to be removed (check the website for your particular product). They then have new drivers to be down loaded.


Ok, so, the new drivers for the lexmark plus the drivers for the HP Totalcare locked up my system so bad, I had to, with Microsoft's over the phone assistance, do a clean install and wipe out the hard drive. Seems to be running well. Office loaded back up, antivirus loaded back up, iTunes loaded back up. However, don't have the Cyberlink DVD suite that came with the hp any more. Any suggestions?


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