Windows 10 Network storage security


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I received today the Zalman ZM-WE450 WIFI enclosure and planning to buy 4TB HDD for it.

It works pretty well but since it is old it is limited to the speed of the WIFI 2.4GHz.

I am trying to find a way to limit who can access it on the network. It is currently connected to the WIFI rounder and can be accessed from any device that is connected to the router.

The only option that I can think of is to use WinRar with password protection.

But that is not good enough to do it for 4TB.

Please share all the possibilities that I can use for it.
by design they are not safe or secure... the memo said "Convenient" and thats what you get for your money

as for how to make a circle into a square instead part of your question I'd tuck it behind an Endian Firewall with custom ports as that stops random users finding the drive... once they have the files any hacker will bypass a password sooner or later
There is an option on the Router to block devices from accessing the Internet. So no issue there.

This devices gets automatically added to any computer drives as a media drive and gives access to everything. So everyone on the LAN can see it an access it without any control.

I am not looking for the most secure solution out there. I just want to have better control.

One other option is to create a hotspot on my PC and then share it with just my devices...

But before I do any of those final solutions I would like to have a better way to secure it.

I did take a look at NAS security but not sure if that can be used for this device and how to use it.

Maybe there is a way to encrypt the data that will only work for those who have the password for it that is better than WINrar and less chance of corrupting the data.
The WIFI function only works as a media DLNA serve. That is fine because I was planning to use the 4TB for media files only. But No security feature for that. So I might have to use it on a separate router for that.

However managing data works from Smart devices apps like Android.

I can install an Android emulator for that. And once I get Windows 11 then I can install the app on that O/S.
After a while of working on the device I found ways to work as my requirements and it does not exist at all by the manufacturer.

So I at the moment I am the only one that has the solution.

I found out how to disable the DLNA server.

I found out how to add it as a NAS (Network Attached Storage) using username and password.

If anyone requires to configure the ZALMAN ZM-WE450 WIFI Drive the same like I did then just a request here and I will include the entire solution.

The read and write speed will be slower than USB access.

This includes working on other devices such as Android.
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