New Dell computer....

700 Mhz ARM, 256 MB system memory, SDHC drive, HDMI & Composate out, two USB ports, Fully functining Linux with GUI. All on a computer the size of a credit card...that is really awesome. That would be good to run Windows XP Embeded on...hmmm brining back XP class computers...God help us all LMAO

Well the 64 bit music recording and midi sequencing program came today. The program installed very nicely on the Dell. No glitches whatsoever, it's running like a charm. This upgrade also comes with a very great sounding synthesizer that I'm sure to have lot's of fun with. It sounds fantastic !! I have no regrets about buying this program !!

Next up is the 64 bit orchestral music sample program upgrade, should be here Wednesday. Then my conversion to a 64 bit system will be complete.

Here's a quote from the sample program's manual...

"The EastWest PLAY Advanced Sample Engine uses 64-bit processing to take full advantage of the benefits of the new breed of 64-bit processors and operating systems that are starting to become available. That means accessibility to significantly larger amounts of RAM and, therefore, the ability to load many times the number of instruments."


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That's a neat little device there! No powerhouse, but for basic tasks, like web browsing & the other things mentioned, perfectly fine.

Most of us already has the other things needed to get it going.


:yawn: So what was the point in posting that quote from the manual? :curious:

With a fully functining computer that small, it would be so intersting to see what comes out next. Linux based:

Coffiee makers
Toaster Ovens
Washers and Dryers
Vending Machines

All with LCD touch screens and highly programable OS interaction. That would be so awesome, and well worth the up in the price of a Twinkie LoL

To show the benefit of upgrading to the 64 bit program....the ability to access more RAM and play more instruments, being able to play more instruments at one time, makes a sequencing program much more powerful. You can play full orchestal arraingments without buffering or stuttering problems. To me that's a big plus.

No doubt, you can use a larger ammount of RAM and larger drives...on a workstation. One way to get around the 32 Bit limitations and some licencing issues aswell is to run an application server. Using Server 2003 Enterprise, 64 GB RAM, multiple processors and a Gigabit network, the 32 Bit version of the software will run just as much as the 64 Bit and run for multiple users at the same time...though that solution would he hela-expencive. So it all depends on what you want to do with the software and how many people/workstations you want to be able to use it.

No I don't need servers and multiple processors...just do what I'm doing and it'll all be fine and doesn't cost that much either.

I know that would be why I said:

...though that solution would he hela-expencive.
That solution is getting into the relm of, not every one can afford it or needs it.

Nope, the licensing agreement only allows for me to use the software, it's not meant for multiple users. My "little" computer should do the trick just fine.


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To show the benefit of upgrading to the 64 bit program....the ability to access more RAM and play more instruments, being able to play more instruments at one time, makes a sequencing program much more powerful. You can play full orchestal arraingments without buffering or stuttering problems. To me that's a big plus.

This is interesting to see how it evolves. You use one of the few programs (CAD being the other type) that can really make use of a lot of RAM. All I ever use seems to ignore my 8GB of RAM and more than half of it is free - except when I run my virtual machines for Windows 8 and Ubuntu. But even with both running, I still have a big marging of free space. But right now, mosst of my RAM is not being used.

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whs that is so cool. Good to hear that some one's system is not using alot of RAM LoL Mine boots at 4 GB being used LoL

Actually I have 3- 64 bit programs now. The Sonar X1 which is the recording and sequencing program, The East West Symphonic Orchestra sample program, and the Ivory II Piano sample program. All of which will benefit from the 8 Gigs of memory I have installed.

My orchestral sample program came today and I'm installing it as I type....

Well I had some installation problems with the orchestral program. It would install okay onto the SSD drive, but wouldn't transfer the sound sample back to the program like it was supposed. So the program wouldn't work. After pulling my hair out trying to figure out the problem, I came up with a work around that did work. I re-installed all the sound samples to my C: drive and now everything works as planned. It's too bad, but I can't use the SSD drive for this program for some unknown reason. My other SSD drives works with the Piano Sample program just fine, and this one should have too, but alas it's not meant to be.

Ouch, sorry that sucks. An idea you might try if you still want to use the SSD, try contacting the technical support. They may have a patch that is only needed if you are running off a SSD. They may or they may not, either way it never hurts to ask.

The program is supposed to work with SSD's without any additional support. I may have a bad ssd or some other routing problem in my computer. Either way it doesn't matter, I've given up on the samples on the ssd drive. The C:drive samples are working fantastic, much better than expected.

That is really strange. I doubt that the drive is bad...though stranger things have happened. Sorry to hear that.

Well I don't know what the problem is, all I do know is that the ssd drive won't send the right samples to the program's play engine. It's really strange because I used that same ssd to play samples with an older version of the same program, and that worked fine.... Doesn't matter, the C: is working fantastic with the 8 gigs of memory. the program loads up the sound samples into your memory which makes it possible to play the samples quickly. The more memory you have, the more samples can be stored, so the 8 gigs of memory is a real blessing with this program. The SSD would have been nice, but I'm finding out the C:drive with the 8 gigs of memory is also very effective.

I've got some great news...After seeing that the samples played well off the C:Drive I decided to try re-formatting the SSD drive and just copy the good files there. IT WORKED !! So the problem was the files never installed properly onto the SSD in the first the SSD is working and giving the proper samples to the PLAY Browser !! YAY !!!!!!

Problem resolved !!!

I'd give you an update, but there's not much to say, everything is working beautifully. My little Dell is running perfect, my Windows 7 is running music programs are all running perfect....the SSD's are working as problems to report !!

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