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Hmm, Ok. If you are happy the way it performs, no need to change. But I have yet to see the first guy who moved his OS to a SSD that would ever consider going back to a HDD. It is sooo much faster.

I had uploaded a little video clip when I start Windows 8 in Virtual Box (which also works on the SSD, but only with 1 core of my i7). The timing is impressive. And shutdown is in 2 seconds flat. Start Win8 in vBox1.wmv - YouTube My Windows 7 native is a bit slower - 15 seconds boot. And of course calling and loading a program is instant - even big ones like PowerPoint.

Yea I get about a 80 to 90 second boot time. Though I have every .net framework known to man, seven or eight SQL servers, three versions of Visual Studio, every update to Windows except one, all the language packs for Windows, Office 2010, Adobe CS 4 Master all boot options yea I would have to say that my HDD is doing a lot at boot, and it is a good reason why it takes 90 seconds to boot LoL

My current hard drive is a 500 gig drive and half full of programs, so I'm using approx 250 gigs. A 250 gig SSD would cost me a small fortune. Just putting the OS on one small SSD and everything else on a different drive, creates all sorts of routing problems for me. So maybe after the price of SSD's comes down, I'll consider it.

By the way, I just upgraded two of my software programs to 64 bit programs, which should greatly improve my performance. It cost me a pile of money, but it should be worth it in the long run. So I'll be almost all 64 bit by next week.

I feel you on that, I have a 1TB useing 379 GB, Program Files is at 4.45 GB and Program Files (x86) is at 285 GB. Hmm maybe it is time to get a bigger HDD. That is a flimsy exscuse to get a new hard drive :rofl:

Well the power Y adapter arrived today from New Egg. So I installed the SSD's, back into the computer. I decided to put them in the rack space under the cd/dvd player, as there, they will be out of the way with some protection. The wiring adapter worked out perfect. It supplies power to both SSD's and has an extra connection for future use. I can route the SATA cables along with the cd/dvd SATA cable and it all looks professionally done.

Neat, but what about the SATA controler card? Have you gotten that yet?

No I didn't get the SATA card yet. For some unknown reason New Egg split my order into two seperate orders and shipped them at different times. I should be getting the SATA card tomorrow or Monday at the latest. I was shocked on how fast the Y adapter showed up !!

That is a really common item. They must have had to order the controler card from the manufactuer.

I don't know. I do know there was two seperate charges made to my credit card, even though both items were in the same shopping cart. I just checked my tracking and the SATA card is at my local UPS warehouse and should be delivered tomorrow. I'm okay with that !!

My new 64 bit software upgrades probably won't be here till next week anyhow.

Neat. You know it really sucks that more fostware companies havn't gotten onto the digital path for distributing software. I would have thought that more would be starting a Steam like thing to get more than just games out. Though with the way a lot of computer techs and programers work, it will be like that crap EA has going on Origin. It has been out over a year, still in beta. I mean come on, if you are going to start releasing exclusive games for your Origin software, shouldn't it be out of beta? Any way, It would make things alot nicer. Though that is getting off subject. I am glad to hear that your computer is working great and that you found ways to make it work better for you. :)

Well, one software company sells a download version and charges extra for a boxed version. I bought the boxed version because the download takes about 6 hours, where a disk installation takes a few minutes, plus you have it if you need it for a re-install. The other company only sells a boxed version because the program is sooo huge, so I have to wait for that. That's okay with me, as the software is super advanced and well worth the wait.

Yea the download can take a long time, but if the company goes with a Steam client setup it could have the ability to make a backup copy of the software localy. Then if you need to you can reinstall without having to download it again. Though if your backup copy goes bad you still have the option of downloading it. Not to mention that updates/patches/hotfixes can be applied with out even having to know they need to be installed if you want. It is a win win win sitution. I say that Steam should venture out and start offering thngs like Office, Adobe Creative Suite and other software like that. They are starting to get into offering free games as it is. That would be the next logical step. It would be so awesome to be able to get any software you want at a single store.

Funny you should mention Adobe right now, as I am currently at war with them regarding their Audition upgrades...They are playing shell games with features of the program, now you see it now you don't. They took away features and call it an upgrade...what a rip off !!!Now they are coming out with another upgrade that restores some of the features they took out and they are calling this an upgrade too, when it's really a bunch of left over hash. I got so mad at them I bought software from the competition, which is light years ahead of Adobe.

What Adobe products are you useing that they took features out of? And who is is ahead of Adobe with what technology?

What Adobe did was they took Audition and rebuilt it from the ground up to be compatible with Mac computers. In the meantime, to hurry this process up they took out a bunch of features and pawned it off as an upgrade, when in fact it was a half baked ghost of what it once was. Now they have restored some of the old features and are calling it an upgrade and wanting us to buy it. I took my upgrade money and upgraded a different program called Sonar X1 from a company called Cakewalk (Twelve Tone Sytems to be exact). It is my opinion that the Sonar X1 program will be much more useful to me than Adobe's stripped out product. Sonar X1 is loaded with all kinds of features that leaves Adobe's product far behind. They don't like hearing this. They seem to think by restoring a few old features they have a new upgraded product. I'm not buying that bunch of bull.

Yea that seems to be a big thing with software companies. It is not just Adobe. Every one is doing it, even companies like EA. Though that is not saying much, since they suck anyway.

Cakewalk is different. They give you tons of features for a very reasonable price. It's amazing they pack so much cool stuff in their package. They've been doing it for a long time and have become one of the top music production software packages out there. They really do work hard at continuously making improvements to their software. Plus you can't beat their customer support, with books, free videos, free web seminars, a very active forum....For what you get, it's a bargain.

Well I got the SATA card and installed it. The driver installation took a couple of times but I finally got it to recognize the hardware and install the driver. It's working great now !! I have my back up drive plugged into it and all is well !! It's showing up in the My Computer page as it's supposed to. I got the wiring for the SSD's and back up drive all tied up with cable ties all nice and neat, so I'm very happy with the way things turned out. It looks professionally done.

Next thing coming is the 8 gig of memory from Dell, should be here today, tomorrow or Monday at the latest. My new software upgrades will be here next week.

Well the 8 gigs of memeory just came today and I just installed my computer is super fast now !!

The amount of memory has almost nothing to do with the speed of the computer. Only if you where running out of memory would it change the speeda at all. I am curious to now that speed RAM you got, also what manufacture it came from.

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