New Laptop - Windows 7 WILL NOT LOAD!

I don't have the dots so it may be the hp recovery, which drives me nuts because that's not what is on the disk.

Okay, I just got an e-mail from Staples, they are sending a courier for this laptop - anytime between TOMORROW and the next 5 days. I guess my time is up trying to fix this thing. I gotta have it packed up for possible pick-up TOMORROW. :(

Gosh, I hope the next one, which is to be delivered on FRIDAY works right! ..and since I don't know WHAT caused this or if it's an actual W7 problem, I'm like a chicken in a coop waiting on the fox to come and get me!


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Aren't warranties great!!

I would suggest you not leave the new one in the same state as the first one. If you let it sleep, try just shutting it down at least the first night.

Thanks for trying, the more information we can gain about specific symptoms the better off we are. For right now, I will just assume your hard drive did go out.

I'm not sure what that means--leaving it in the same state. All we did was shut it down last night, and that was the first night we had it. We found out about the problem this morning when we tried to boot it back up.

I'm more concerned that the programs will either clash again or that the Win 7 problem will still be there. I'm really afraid it wasn't the hard drive. But, only time will tell...

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