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I got a new Lenovo i5 laptop with W8 preinstalled (no accompanying dvd)

I a few days I have been experiencing several problems.

1) I couldn't partition the 1Tgb disk to 150 GB (only OS), using automatic utilities coming with the laptop. All I achieved was to get two partitions of 500.
2) I use an external audio interface (M-Audio, now taken over by Avid), via USB 2. In a certain circumstance (audio interface switched on, and plugin a pen drive to another USB port), windows 8 glamorously crashed, starting a "Windows configuration" process that took 10 minutos, at least
3) internet connection is lost from time to time (every 10 minutes or so), so Google cannot be found
4) internet navigation is not fast (the "Connecting" label stucks for several seconds, say 5 or 10), before reaching the requested page. Another computer of mine, 3 years old, W7, navigates instantaneously
5) for some reason, I cannot reach another pc in the same wifi, a 0x80070035 error appears, after typing user / password (apparently matching)

Being such a new system, I wonder if I should restart from fresh and reinstall everyting (formatting the disk, installing OS following Lenovo manual instructions, and so on). Some people told me to move back to Windows 7 (which I don't have)

This post is just a general comment, not a bundle of problems (that have to be posted separatedly)



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First and foremost please burn yourself a set of recovery disks, there should be a built on utility for you to do this. I would also burn a second set for security. You should also mack backup copies of any important data to an external device before making partition changes.

The partitioning options in Windows are limited and you should get something like easeus partition manager (free home edition) from here:

Free Partition Magic alternative. Best Free Partition Manager Freeware for Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8 32 bit & 64 bit - EaseUS Partition Master Home Edition.

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