No Audio on Youtube Videos in any browser


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Win 7, 64, Home, Adobe Flash Player ActiveX 11.8.800.175, Adobe Flash Player Plugin 11.8.800.168, Firefox 24.0 (IE 10, Maxthon 3)

This may have started when I updated Adobe Flash Player 11 ActiveX to 11.8.800.175 on 9/27. All youtube videos in all browsers play video fine but no audio. Some websites with embedded flash play audio, some do not -- none with embedded youtube flash play audio. No problems with the Volume Mixer. Have run FireFox in Safe Mode and same problem. Computer audio outside browsers works fine. VLC, Windows Media Player all work fine. Problem is only in the browsers. I have K-Lite pack installed. Everything has been working with no problems.

Would really appreciate some help here.

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Drivers32]


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To start with the easy part, clear your cookies. Use CCleaner, for example. May sound silly and simple, but it has helped many.


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I am getting no audio also. I have called a couple friends of mine and they also can't get the audio to work. My audio does work on everything that isn't youtube related. I believe it is just a glitch in youtube.


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Well I have solved the problem and do I feel pretty stupid. Although I must say that this is easy to miss. It appears that the latest Flash update leaves the Flash player with the volume slider turned all the way down. It is unmuted but you don't see the volume slider unless you hover over the mute icon. Once you turn it up it is set for the Flash player for all videos. It never ceases to amaze me the decisions that software developers make.

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