No Bluetooth on Device Manager

Dell N4010 Inspiron 14R, No Bluetooth on Device Manager

Hi guys! I have this problem.

I have my Dell N4010 Inspiron 14R laptop/notebook with the OS of windows 7 32bit Ultimate.

My bluetooth was previously working fine with the driver Dell wireless 365 Bluetooth Driver A00 win 32/64bit R273580. I notice that this past days when i connect my N6120c phone via bluetooth, my laptop didn't have any reaction, when i see my system tray no bluetooth icon was presented, previously there it is. So i manually run the bluetooth through BTTray.exe from C\Program Files\WIDCOMM\Bluetooth Software, but my laptop didn't react to it. So i look at the device manager and there was no trace of bluetooth, previously there was a Peripheral Bluetooth. So i manually re-install the driver and then its stuck on this page, Activate Bluetooth using Wireless Switch, on the lower right it say Cancel Installation.

Any solution for this?

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In Device Manager, what Bluetooth radios are you showing. It sounds like you have lost the Bluetooth driver.

Any chance the bios has been reset to disable the Bluetooth?

Saltgrass thanks for the reply!

My sorry, i didn't got what you mean by this, "Any chance the bios has been reset to disable the bluetooth?" If you're to asking me if i reset by bios, i didn't.. i didn't done anything, just i noticed that my bluetooth is not functioning..

And in this, "In Device Manager, what bluetooth radios are you showing." Previously, there was a Bluetooth Peripheral Device presented on my Device manager, but now, its gone..

What do you think, what am i supposed to do?


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On mine, I show a Microsoft Bluetooth enumerator and an Asus entry.

Somebody help me to resolve this problem plsss...


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Do you show 2 radios as in the attachment. You may not show ASUS, but you should show something beside a Default type of device.

I have to install the Atheros drivers I get from ASUS. This may be what you do with the Dell drivers you have installed.

Some laptops have a physical switch to turn on and off wireless. There is also a key combination. The message you get during the install may be referring to this, unless there is something particular to your install, which Dell should know about.

I have learned with my mouse that if for some reason it is not recognized, I need to remove the device first, then it will sync OK after I reinstall it. But if you are not showing the Bluetooth icon in the system tray, you probably need drivers.

I will go to the Dell site and check your system.


Thanks saltgrass. Very appreciated that.
I already have the driver for my bluetooth from dell and it was have been installed now but its not working...

Heres where i stuck upon manual reinstalling the bluetooth driver..

And heres my current Device manager.Before theres was a Peripheral Bluetooth device but its now gone.


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Your install seems to look different than mine. You do not show any Bluetooth Radios, possibly because the install has the switch message and is not completing.

You have no idea what it means by a switch? Is this an internal device or some type of dongle?

I forgot earlier, but I will go check your system at Dell now...


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I see two downloads for Bluetooth. One Driver and one Application. If you have both of those, the only other thing I can suggest is the F2 key that turns on and off the wireless. Hitting either F2 or Fn+F2 should turn on all your wireless, including the Bluetooth.

Let us know if you find out anything else.

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