no internet access(no problem of unidentified network)


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Yep that can be an issue.
Try using the arrow keys to select you OS's hard drive hit enter and continue tapping the F8 key.
Don't drum it just tap it intermittently and see if you can get to the boot options to select safemode with networking.
MalwareBytes is not an issue, I've never seen it produce any similar issues as you are having.
You may want to consider at some point in the future installing MSE just for peace of mind. Run the update feature and perform a full scan. It's a reasonably decent product, with a small footprint overall, easy on system resources and doesn't usually cause any networking issues as a rule.


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ok sooooo booted up in safe mode with networking, it loaded everything up but still same problem, i was able to connect to the network but still no internet i assume its like you suggested before maybe i exceeded some limit that host has set or something? but still i dont understand why when i went out and bought a different adapter that it fixed what was happening before and i was able to connect, then same problem again 5 days later
Probably because, if he is using MAC or IP address filtering the new adapter (new MAC address, probably new IP address) would not be included within his filters until such time as he either became aware of its' existence on the network or until such time as it may have also exceeded a usage limit threshold.

so thats pretty much my problem then? i guess i should try to see if hes either manually putting in my address to be blocked from internet access or if im exceeding some limit...ill call around and find out today or tomorrow, will respond back here when i find out....thanks a lot for the help btw...i was thinking that that was probably what it was considering how it would just cut me off the net at a completely random time while just browsing the web with absolutely nothing having changed whatsoever on my computer in the last month or so lol....anyways thanks again, will let you know what happens with it hopefully thats what the issue is.


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Yes. Please follow-up here as I would be very interested in what you find.
Depending on how sophisticated his equipment and software is there are any number of filters that can be put in place that will prohibit or otherwise throttle internet use based on the type of internet usage or the amount of bandwidth consumed in a given period of time.

You can probably work it out if you can determine how your usage may differ on the problem computer as compared to other computers that seem to be working without similar issues.
Say for instance, if you use this computer to download large quantities of or individually large torrent files, movies, stream a lot of TV, music, etc., or if you often visit some sites that he may have black listed and that may be triggering a filter that he has in place.

In any event keep us posted as I for one, would be interested in what you discover.

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