Photos will not open in w8.1


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I had to reinstall with my flash stick w8.1 & now all fotos do not open saying I do not have the correct permission. I am the administrator.

Could it be because I chose not to create an MS account? I do not think that I signed for MS acc. before. ....thanx ....nick
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What "photo's" and where are they stored?


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my personal pictures, scans e.t.c in the D:/ partition

Was the D partition part of the original C drive when you reinstalled windows 8.1?


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Also just noticed notepad, pdf, pictures & word files are inaccessible in the "FOTO" directory whilst elsewhere all open

If only I could get control in Foto although I am administrator, but how.

I think the reinstall was corrupted in some form and you should perform a new clean install and then sign up/in with a MS account.

Questioin: the "PHOTO" software is question; is that the app (tile) you are using to open your pictures.


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No, "FOTO" directory se my previous post

There is no "FOTO" directory in windows....none that I can find in my windows 8.1 Pro. Where did you get your copy of windows from?


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Cracky "B",

I created years ago fotos directory in partition D & I save all my fotos in it.

All through out the changes of my PC all items in it were opening Ok until now. I somehow I lost control of this directory now.

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