Power settings reset each time charger is plugged in

For some reason my computer has just started turning the brightness on my laptop to 100% when the battery is connected. This is a seriously pain in my eyes and i usually keep my brightness around 20 unless watched videos.

So at first i would just alter the display settings of the 'Balanced (recommended)' power plan and save the changes but it never worked, if my charger fell out and i plugged it back in then it would automatically turn the brightness up to 100%.
I created a new power plan to my liking but every time the battery is plugged in it will automatically change back to 'Balanced' and turn the brightness up to 100%

I always click the 'Apply' and 'Save Changes' buttons on any change i make to the plans and it works up until the charger is plugged in and as you can imagine it's starting to get slightly annoying.

Can anyone advise a solution?


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It would help to know the Make/Model of your laptop.

This usually means that the Battery or the Battery Charging Circuit has begun to fail inside the laptop. You can take the battery to your local Computer Pro and have it tested. This costs about the same as buying a new battery; about $65 US. Or if you have a Multimeter you can test it for proper DC output voltage. Most laptop batteries are between 9.6Vdc and 14.4Vdc. If your battery DC output is lower than the spec rated on the laptop label on the bottom of the laptop by more than 15%, your battery has failed and needs to be replaced.

If your laptop is over 2 years old; it's very likely the battery has failed and needs to be replaced due to electrolytic leakage and aging. Very few batteries retain charge capacity of over 80% of original charge time after 2 years. Replace your battery; if the problem persists, the Charging Circuit is most likely gone on your Motherboard and that's a $175-$400 repair. I would suggest backing up all your personal data to external media and reinstalling your Windows from Factory Recovery Discs or Recovery Partition before doing a Motherboard swap. Windows corruption can often mimic battery settings failing to be saved.

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