Power state failure BSOD - when i close lid of laptop


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Ok np hope things go well when you do.

BTW, here is something strange i have been noticing during the period i was using driver verifier. and also after disabling it is that when ever i wake the system up and/or after any power cut where the modem reboots, windows does not seem to recognize see the wireless network... so i have to just disable the wireless network on my laptop and then again enable it and it connects quite readily..
Not sure if it is a issue with wireless network card...

Also the hot fix seems to be related usb drivers.. so not sure how much of a help it is going to be.. any way as i said, i do not want to apply it at this point of time..


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It's entirely up to you if you want to take our advice or not and if the machine doesn't bsod again then don't bother applying it.

Regarding your network issue, your probably best to open a new thread but in any case try the Network Troubleshooter from Microsoft:
Using the Network troubleshooter in Windows 7

The machine gave another BSOD today :( The only time i tried to put it to sleep... :) As I said, since i am working on something critical., I will apply the patch a little later.. would back up the system and create a restore point after that and then i will apply hot fix.. in any case.

I know, i should start another thread for network issue, but just put it here.. because there might some relation between the issues, and you might have seen that in your experience....
Also Not sure if it is related to issue, but today morning the system was stuck forever during startup, i had hard reboot, and run startup repair tool.. I am not sure why i am getting into these issues.. may be i should start separated threads for these.. but any help/guidance would be great!!!

I am using a hp pavilion dv6 amd processor laptop with windows 7 home premium.
Last two days, I am noticing that sometimes, windows startup hangs.. if i just restart it again, it works fine.. and even startup is pretty quick.. does not take much time.. I am perplexed by this behaviour..
I have also been facing another issue, where in when i try to put laptop to sleep it gives a BSOD for power state failure.. i have another thread for it and mentioned it because it might help..

Please do let me know, if you people need any other information.

Thanks and regards


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Your start up issues could be related to whatever the problem is.

Did you try the network troubleshooter?

Look in the start menu for command prompt, right click on it and run as admin. Type:
sfc /scannow
Press enter and await results.

Also did you change the power settings to 'Hybrid sleep'?

I did try network troubleshooter.. but all these issues are very unpredictable.. The windows when comes up properly comes up lightening quick ;-) Hybrid sleep is on...
sfc /scannow did not find any issues :)


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If you have a Windows installation disk you can try booting from it but instead of installing click repair instead. This will repair the start up files which may have become corrupted. There are other ways some of which are detailed in this thread:
How To Use Command Prompt To Fix Issues With Your PC's Boot Records

Don't forget to run the hotfix as it's specific to your issue. I'm not quite sure why you think there will be some monumental event but chances are it probably won't do anything.. ;) We have to try though and as it was very specific to that particular bugcheck there's no reason to think it won't work. Just give it a try..

Thank you :) Yes, i did use, the boot startup repair tool... and it looked like it restored the windows to a state prior to when a big chunk of updates were installed.. :)
BTW, today morning i got another update from windows which contains the latest atheros driver i have installed it.. after that i did put the system to sleep twice and worked so far... So let me see how things go.. :)

Only reason I am not installing hotfix is, i need to cover as much as possible of an assignment in next 4-5 days.. i will off for a week or so after that.... that is the only thing.. do not want to end up spending more time with it.. :)


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BTW, today morning i got another update from windows which contains the latest atheros driver i have installed it.. after that i did put the system to sleep twice and worked so far
Excellent! Let's hope it continues. See how you go, if the system is working fine then hold off on the hotfix.

Wasn't very lucky.. i posted earlier reply and then put system to sleep and one more BSOD :) :)


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You know what to do then..


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Windows Startup Hanging is just the PC being stupid, Mine does it too, and like you said...I have to restart it! But anyways, getting a BSOD when trying to put it in sleep mode is weird, it MIGHT be that you need to re-install your video drivers. Why? Because if they're out of date or something, it might not be able to control the Power Management while going in Sleep Mode.
I can't point you to them since I don't know what your computer Model Number is.

Hey thanks..
As you said my PC keeps being stupid quite often.. The BSOD is due to Athrx driver, at least that is what the dump says.. Have been updating the drivers.. Hope to find a solution soon for the BSOD issue


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If you have a dump file, you might post it in the BSOD forum for folks to analyze. If you don't want to do that, attach it here.

It is probably a driver issue. It may not be loading correctly the first time. The Athrx driver seems to be related to an Atheros network adapter. You might disable that device for testing. A driver may help and make sure and remove the prior driver before installing.

It could, however, be some type of hardware problem. If it is a network adapter it might be tying to connect and thus delaying the boot. The sleep issue with it might be effected by changing some of the settings on it such as if it is allowed to sleep or not. If the unit is older, it may be actually failing. I have ASUS motherboards and have not seen a problem with any Atheros devices.

Please provide a link to your other thread.

Hi Saltgrass
Thanks a lot for offering help.. other thread is at:
Power state failure BSOD - when i close lid of laptop

It is pretty lengthy one..
I got a latest BSOD, a few minutes ago.. so attaching the collected data with this post



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Kemical is the expert in these situations. It appears there is an update for athrx.sys for Dec 2015 and you are still running the one from Nov 2014. You have tried to update this driver?

You show a problem device of BAPIDRV, do you know what that is?

When I try to look at MSinfo32 files, I sometimes get confused as to which devices are on your system or mine.

If you open device manager, set the View option to see hidden devices, then expand the network devices level, what do you see? Any chance of a picture of this? It seems you have all types devices installed and many versions of some of them. Perhaps there are some you could get rid of.


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If you're having trouble removing old drivers. You can force remove them this way
  • Open an elevated command prompt
  • Type pnputil -e
  • Look for the driver in question and make note of the OEM##.inf name
  • Type pnputil -f -d OEM##.inf
  • This will uninstall and completely remove the driver for sure

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