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Windows 8 problem signing out of email account

silver fox

New Member
Jan 19, 2013
i cannot find the icon to sign out of my email account which is yahoo.com
can some one help please

usually the sign out icon is found in area highlighted:

Link Removed

You'll notice I'm using Chrome, perhaps, if your using IE10 you need to press the compatibility tab in the address bar? It looks like a rectangle with a slash going through it diagonally.

It might also interest you to know that you can have your email directed to the mail app in the Modern UI screen or Metro. If this is something that might interest you then please let us know and we can set you on the right path.
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Hi Kemical
many thanks for your reply but I cannot find any highlighted areas that state sign out
and also there is no compatability tab in the address bar
on my tablet and other laptop there is the log out sign but nothing on this
Silver Fox

could you take a screenshot for me? This can easily be done by holding down the windows key and then pressing the 'print screen' key. You'll find a folder in your pictures library entitled screenshots, your screenshot can be found here. Use windows paint to then save it as a jpeg and post it in the forum.
Try clicking on your name at the top. Should be a drop down with the option to sign out.
This is why I hate Yahoo...it always been so hard to navigate and it's never been truly user friendly. Then came the new mail...what a joke that was.

Anyway, like kemical asked, post a screen shot so we can see what you see.
hi kemical,
i think i have loaded yahoo on my windows eight laptop wrong because there is no sign in icon either so i am going to
take it off and start again
silver fox