Problem with identify devices like ethernet and video card

I bought a new PC and i had installed Windows 7 Ultimate but there's not any no internet connection and there's not any identity for it and video card and sound card not like my old PC , it installed drivers automatically
and i had installed Professional and home premium and the problem still appear
any solution for this problem


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Normally, you should have received an installation disc = mainly DVD in these days. It should install drivers more or less automatically. If you didn't receive such a disc, the purchase may be considered invalid. The disc is mainly the Mobo producer's, and will work through Windows > don't need any tricks in BIOS.

The first place to go to would be the retailer.

I don't really get a clear picture of installations... but if you have installed other versions, it may be you have messed the system.

It would really help to know more about your situation. Is this a "brand name" computer you bought through a retailer that came with Windows pre-installed and you then experimented with other Windows versions, or a custom computer and you added Windows after the fact with disks you burned from downloaded iso files (or retail Windows packages), or is this a computer you bought in a dark alley and the Windows disks came from questionable sources? Knowing that would help to narrow where to start looking for the problem.

Are network hardware, video, and sound all incorporated on the motherboard and/or are they on separate add-on cards? Are the video and sound common, off-the-shelf hardware or something specialized or esoteric? Are the Windows versions OEM (from the computer manufacturer and customized with drivers for your specific hardware), or generic (with generic drivers)? Is the computer actually new or built from new components or refurbished?

You must have video. Do you actually have sound? Is the problem with the video and sound just inability to identify the specific hardware? Do you have a network connection but are just unable to establish an Internet connection? What kind of Internet service do you have, what kind of modem, and how is the computer connected (physical wire or wifi)? Have you tried any specific diagnostics and if so, what and what were the results?

If you can explain more about the nature and specifics of the problem, it will give forum members something to work with to help you solve it. Also, if you can let us know your level of computer familiarity (basic user, tinkerer, or whiz), it will help to tailor answers more effectively.

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