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    Hello. I've been using Windows 7 RC for a little while now, and I've had absolutely no problems up until now. Previously I was able to switch the color of windows and the taskbar by going to "Personalization" and selecting the "Window Color" option. It worked perfectly, and I successfully changed the color of the taskbar and windows to black. However, earlier today, I encountered a problem where the window and taskbar color switched back to the default light blue. I went to "Personalization" once again and clicked on "Window Color", and instead of going to the correct window, I was confronted with a separate window titled "Window Color and Appearance" and it would not allow me to switch the colors anymore. I tried to switch to one of the themes that came with Windows 7 RC and they switched the Desktop Wallpaper but not the window color. Any help with this issue is appreciated.


    Screenshot of the aforementioned window:

    Nevermind, I did a registry hack (not really a hack but can't think of a better term), turns out that Aero was disabled, which I had suspected but hadn't confirmed til now, I'm not sure how it was disabled but it's working fine now. Thanks anyways. A moderator can close this thread if he/she wants. For people who are having this same problem and do not know how to fix it:

    1: Click on start and type "regedit" in the Search Bar.
    2: Run regedit.
    3: Click on "HKEY_CURRENT_USER".
    4: Click on "Software".
    5: Click on "Microsoft".
    6: Click on "Windows".
    7: Click on "DWM"
    8: Right-click in the blank space in the right part of the window.
    9: Select "New".
    10: Select "DWORD (32-bit) Value".
    11: Name it "UseMachineCheck".
    12: Select "New".
    13: Select "DWORD (32-bit) Value".
    14: Name it "Blur".
    15: Select "New".
    16: Select "DWORD (32-bit) Value".
    17: Name it "Animations".
    18: Close regedit.
    19: Click on Start menu and type "CMD" in the Search Bar.
    20: Right-click on it and select "Run as Administrator".
    21: Type "Net Stop uxsms".
    22: Wait for it to finish, then type "Net Start uxsms".
    23: Windows Aero should now be Activated/Re-Activated.
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