Windows 7 problems with icons


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ive been trying to make some themes have all the walls in folders ready and icons for "my computer" and "recycle bin" have chosen a different sound scheme for each theme and i thought i was ready to go but ive come across a problem with the recycle bin icons even though ive replaced the full and empty originals they will not work properly i.e there is nothing in the bin and i delete something it stays the same if i hit f5 to refresh it will show as full,i then empty the bin and it stays as full unless i hit f5 again.
ive tried several different sets of full and empty icons and they are all the same yet if i click restore defaults they work as they should with no problems at all,has anybody had this problem and found a soloution any help would be welcome.thanks
When you changed the icon for the Recycle Bin, did you use the shell32.dll or the imagres.dll file?
Problem only exists with separate ico files

If, like me, you are using separate .ico files, there's a bug (which also exists in Vista). The definition of the recycle bin entries in the registry has to have ",0" appended after the .ico name. However, in Windows 7, one can also append this information by directly editing the .theme file

Example below from a working file:-

Full=%USERPROFILE%\Documents\Lord Of The Rings\(bonus) The Book of Mazarbul.ico,0
Empty=%USERPROFILE%\Documents\Lord Of The Rings\(bonus) The Red Book of Westmarch.ico,0

Note the ",0" at the end of the relevant two lines.

The theme file should be found at C:\Users\<yourusernamehere>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Themes

Hope that helps