Problems with start up on a laptop

Bought a Compaq laptop and have been using it for about 6 weeks, it came with window 7 pre installed. All well bar every 10 or so startups it would not bootup but would stick with blank screen. I would take out battery and restart then ok. now the problem ocuurs everytime I shut it down and only repeated starting on and off works. Means I dont want to switch off at all. The F keys dont respond after pressing the 1st one to get up the Fkey menu for safe start etc.. I can give more info if required


Is the computer at fault or the software?

Any help appreciated


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Probably some bloatware and startup items. Try typing msconfig in the search box and hit enter, go to the startup tab and see if you really need everything that has a check mark, if not start unchecking some or most and see if that improves anything, keep us posted.


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The way you describe it, there may also be some type of hardware problem. Like something is being corrupted and gets worse over time, or some device is failing.

Maybe taking out the battery has been leaving the system in an unstable condition, but the cause of the black screen needs to be found.

In msconfig.exe as suggested, on the boot tab, there is the option to show "OS boot information". Many times problems happen after this period, but you might watch it load to see if something hesitates. You could also write a boot log to see if it would give you any information.

Then Check for any new drivers that might be available for video or possibly other things.

Sorry I have not replied, login issues!

I am not at all computer savvy, so please assume I dont know the basics.
I did follow the instructions above about looking at the startup menu and all boxes are ticked, what do I need to keep ticked 1st then I'll keep adding things as I go? I have no idea how to create a boot log? I do know that previously if I had problems with starting up a computer that pressing an f key gets me into another set up inc safe mode etc but this computer will not respond to any key I press after I see the options of F4 to do this F8 to do that etc so it just sticks and does not do anything, or blank screen before the part where it says windows is starting.

Thanks for the quick responses

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