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    Yep this apparently has a positive effect but it is sometimes annoying having to wait for a reboot to actually shut down & reboot itself as it can hang a while on the Shutting Down page. It just also occurred to me, since my re install of windows 7 & all was running fine & had yet to experience the problem until yesterday morning, but the night before i did a disk defrag using a 3rd party software like TuneUp Utilities or Paragon or Diskeeper n so forth which i have all 3 & once completed i shut down for the night, maybe Defragging the disks has a negative effect? Its one annoying problem no one seems to know of a fix or cause. I originally presumed it was down to my 5th partition on my 1tb sata drive so i reduced it to 4 partitions but clearly it wasn't that or not just that.

    Maybe someone with more technical knowledge than myself could comment? would be nice to have a 3rd person involved in this thread :D
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    No.. I don't think deffraggin could do this.

    Out of curiosity: what components does your PC have? I'm gonna go ahead and try to find a common factor in this..

    I reccomend we all install Speccy and after opening use the "Publish Snapshot..." command in the File menu. It doesn't reveal any personal data or anything, here's mine for starters:

    edit: d'oh! I'm not posting from the PC that has the errors, so this doesn't count for the statistcs, but alas, a token of trust if you will.
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