Windows 7 Programs Wont Minimize, (plz Help)


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Cant get rid of the slider

Beta was fine, no issues, i've installed the RC and also played a lil bit with the taskbar options..

I cant work out why, when i minimize a program it dissappears, its in the task manager, but gone from the task bar
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That's an odd one.. ;) Did you install the WDDM driver that comes through Windows Update? I know some were having visually related problems until they installed that.. once installed all the issues went away.. :)
nope, that didnt help, any ideas?


here it is.....

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this is where they minimise to
I cant move this at all, it doest have properties, nor does it appear in the tool bars list....

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is there anyone who knows how to reset the taskbar to same as first boot, i dont mean set taskbar properties to default , ive done that.

I need to get rid of that thing (slider) the arrow is pointing at, it wont slide or move (i dont mean lock the taskbar).. Please help, its gotta be a fixable problem