Windows 7 Raspppoe.sys


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Hello, any help i`ll apreciate

I have a laptop Asus, core2duo 1.66MHz, 1GB ram, 160HDD, ATI mobility radeon x2300 256mb.

I just installed Windows 7, and is a fresh copy build 7057

When i`m logging in and i try to connect to internet through PPPoE (Broadband connection, with username and password) everytime i get a blue screen with:


and in the end shows this *sys file "Raspppoe.sys" stays for 5 seconds then the laptop restartes.

All my drivers al from vista x86, except Lan Driver REALTEK RTL 8139/810x Family Fast Ethernet NIC witch i`ve installed them from my Drivers CD for XP OS.

Every driver from internet that it says it for vista i get an error "This version is only for Windows Vista. Please use other platform ethernet installer"

The main problem is ... where i should find good drivers for my ethernet hardware or XP drivers are just FINE ?!

And the big problem is ... Why i get BlueScreen everytime i`ll try to connect to internet through Pppoe connection ?

Thank you very much, i hope i`ll can solve this problem soon ... :(
OK thanks for information i`ve searched but no results, i just found a file raspppoe.sys and i don't need that.
I really need de compatible driver for my LAN ADAPTER (Realtek RTC 8139/810x Fast Ethernet.)
it should be unrelated to your ethernet drivers.
can you look in the event viewer and send details about the crash you are seeing? if a ID is referenced that would be great.
If you found the file on your system, it doesn't mean it's installed properly and properly listed in the registry.

Try going to Device Manager and see if there is a flag nest to your adapter.