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I'm about to start yelling.
How can people who create software for a living be so oblivious to how things should work?

I've just spent about an hour trying to figure out how to get my playlist into Windows Media Player.

Here you can see my playlist, and on the other side WMD.

I can not find anyway to import my playlist into WMD, or if I create one in WMD can I find a way to add any music to it.

What's so hard about having a "Import music" command some place.
I've read the info on Microsoft and it makes no sense at all, it say I can drag and drop the music to my playlist but I can find anyway to do that.

Can anyone here explain how to get my playlist to show?
All they would need to do is have an Import Playlist command.



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Never mind, I finally got it.
You have to click the Play tab before adding anything to Windows Media Player.

Who expects to click Play before you have anything listed to play.

I have no idea what the create playlist command is for because it has nothing to do with creating a playlist.
You have to import the music into media player, (though the Play button) before you can add it to a playlist.

Then you just save the music you imported as the playlist name you want, the already created playlist in your music folder or the one you previously created in WMP don't seem to have anything to do with it.

Wouldn't it be a lot easier if you could create a playlist, and then just be able to add music to it from the files in you music folder?

Anyway I now have it set do Cortana will play my music file by voice command again.



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Hi Mike. I am not greatly into using the program, but, this is what I did, without too much trouble.
First I selected, in the initial set up, the formats I wanted. (I selected all)
Then went to Organise - Manage libraries. Selected, for example, Music, and, in the next window, pointed to the folder where I have my music stored.
Clicking music of my choice automatically plays it shuffle or single.

Hope this helps.


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Hi Dave

I did finally get it to work, but it's a little unclear how it's done.

I tried making a Cortana playlist in Libraries, then I did it in WMP, finally I just created a playlist with no name and then changed the name to Cortana after is was created.

It finally worked, and I can say, "Hey Cortana, play my music" and she will respond, and play my mp3s.
I have over 12 hours of them (all kinds of music) in her playlist so I never know what's going to come up.

And I finally got Cortana to speak again.
I had to actually uninstall my Sound Blaster card then she started to talk through the onboard sound.

It seems that there's a real problem with her if you have more then one sound source installed in your computer.
She doesn't pick the default device, she has a mind of her own.

Now the only thing that isn't working are the right click drop down links from the start button.
Nothing happens when I click on them.



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This is still driving me crazy!

Over and over I have created a playlist named Cortana.
I click the Save button and then start it playing.

Then I come back and open it again, and the all the entries in the playlist are gone.

Here it is with the playlist created...

Here is is after closing Media Player and opening it again...

I've done this a dozen times.

I had it working for a while yesterday but today when I logged in the playlist was still there but empty.

I guess I'll just have to acknowledge that media player isn't working in this build for some reason.


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