Reinstall win 8

Hi, I have a vaio SVS151290s with windows 8 preinstalled.

I partitioned the hard drive with easeUS partition master when it reset it refuesed to boot, I was finally able to get it to boot by following some bcd commands i saw in the forum.

windows seems to be running fine but i cant seem to create a rescue disk it says "partition is not found" I have tried resetting the install also and it also says partition is not found.

I can still see both the RE tools and the recovery drive in my notebook and it seems that the files are still there

I was hoping someone could help me reset my win 8 install


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Sounds like the changes you made with easeus have made some changes to your partition structures which means your recovery burning software can no longer see the recovery partition. We all have 20-20 hindsight but the right time to burn the recovery disks was, of course before easeus rather than after. First have a look at your current disk partitioning in control panel to confirm that the partition is still there. If you'd like second opinion display the image here. From there we can see if you can get to burn the recovery disks or if you need to look at other alternatives, one of which would be to try and boot directly from recovery and then use an imaging system, something like Acronis True Image, to burn a set of recovery disks from the clean recovered system.


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In order to reinstall Win 8, you might have to go to the seller and ask for an installation disk. Or perhaps there is a Recovery Partition from the manufacturer. Most new PCs include a Recovery Partition rather than Recovery Disks.

I would also like to see a screen shot of the Disk Manager. Use the Power Users menu (Win + X), Disk Management. Take a screen shot and post it.

It appears you already have a thread in another forum with quite a bit of info. This other thread explains about acquiring Recovery Disks. I would follow that advise. No need to duplicate everything here.

Here is an article about cross posting that you might find informative.


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It might be that the BCD commands do not add certain types of Recovery options to the BCD store. Since I am not familiar with OEM types of stores, does it have some type of "Recovery Sequence" entry.

Since you do not say how you repartitioned your drive, perhaps you changed the HardDiskVolume the recovery is on, so the system is looking in the wrong place.

I would also request a Disk Management picture taken with the snipping tool, and a picture or listing of your BCD store you can get if you open an administrative command prompt and type bcdedit /enum all. You can copy the command window contents and paste them into a .txt file and attach if you like.


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Well, you have something I have never seen, 2 EFI partitions on one Hard Drive. I will need some time to go through the entries, but are you showing 2 boot managers in the bios Boot Device Menu? If so, try booting to the other one to see what happens. If it boots, check the BCD Store again with bcdedit and see if it shows a "Recoverysequence" entry.

It appears the system is booting off the First EFI partition. Did you create one of the EFI partitions yourself? For a system to be able to use the Windows Recovery Environment, it needs at least the following 2 entries in the Windows Boot Loader.

recoverysequence {xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx}
recoveryenabled Yes

This is supposed to reference the RamDisk used to load the Recovery.wim to boot into the Recovery Environment. An OEM install may have its own version of the Recovery process, so can't really comment on that.

There may be a program to replace the entries for you, but usually, running a Startup Repair would do the best job, and it may take 3 runs. The problem might be since the system is already booting, if may not find anything wrong in order to repair the current one.

What is the "Buffalo HD-PZU3" entry, an external Hard drive? Not really normal for it to show as a boot device.

I will have to do some testing tomorrow, but finding a BCD program that is Windows 8 UEFI aware may be a little hard. I thought Visual BCD Editor might work, but I can't find for sure it would work with Windows 8. We may end up deleting the EFI partition and creating a new one, then running a Startup Repair. But my testing should show if that would work.

i really dont know how that happened, and why there are 2 efi partitions. how do i boot on the other coot device?

as for the bufallo i did a create recovery partition on windows 8 and put that partition on the buffalo external drive and tried to reset from there but didnt work

thanks for assisting with this


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To see if you can boot to the other boot manager, use the F key that brings up a Boot Device Menu. It may list two boot managers and try booting to the other one.

This same menu might be where you would have a Recovery option to restore your system.

But my best guess is the new EFI partition is now HardDiskVolume1, which changes all the others, which is the same thing Pat is thinking. So the Recovery Disk process is looking for a different HardDiskVolume number. Or it sees the first one but the necessary information is not there. If you would say exactly how you repartitioned your drive, it might help.

You could try undoing the changes you made, but it is dangerous, as you probably already understand.

Edit: It looks to me like you could change the format on one of the EFI partitions and then combine the one you added with the RE Tools partition and you would be back where you started. EaseUS says it can do this, but you would have to boot to it since changing the EFI partition while in Windows 8 would probably not be allowed. But it is still dangerous.

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I am now, almost where you are on your system. But so far, even though I shrank the Recovery partition and added an efi partition, my system is still boot fine to the 3rd partition, or HardDiskVolume3.

In order to get the system to enter a Repair mode, I will have to do something drastic, and I wanted to check with you first. I need to do something to get the system to stop booting, so if you can think of another partition to move, let me know. Otherwise, all I can think of, is to mess up the BCD Store so it will not boot...

Let me I will at least know you read this post.


Hi saltgrass, i will try your suggestion when i get home later thanks, will let you know the result.

Hi when i got the computer, I repartitioned the drive using easeUS partition master. I repartitioned c: into 4 smaller drives and easeUS said it had to reboot. after reboot my system wouldnt boot us so i follwed these directions: How can I repair the Windows 8 EFI Bootloader? - Super User and finally got my system to re boot.

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