Windows 10 Remove Email Account from Windows 10 System

I just installed Windows 10.

During installation, I created a sign in password at the login screen.

Within 30 minutes of using Windows 10, I went into the Windows Store App and tried to download the Free version of Photoshop Express. To do this, I had to sign into one of my Microsoft accounts. So, I signed into my Hotmail email account.

Now, whenever I go back to my login screen (e.g., after I restart my computer), I cannot use the original password that I setup. Instead, the login screen displays my Hotmail account name, and asks me to use that password to login to my computer.

How do I disable this? I do not want my operating system to be associated with my Hotmail account.


Windows Forum Team
Staff member
  • Press [Windows key + i]
  • Click on Accounts
  • Click on "Sign in with a local account instead"

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