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I know it is an old issue, but I never had to encounter it until now.

I dual boot Win 7 and Win 10 TP.
Win 7 is set as my default OS.

Just now, I went to my Win 7 and check my restore points. The latest was Nov 14. That means I lost quite a few already.
I went to my Win 10 and found out all restore points are gone except the one image backup was done, Nov. 15.

I need someone to show me how to fix this.
I understand one can fix it by either employing Bitlocker or by registry hack. But I am not sure how to proceed with either one of the 2.
I don't mind using registry to fix this if I get the procedures to do so.

P.S. Yes, I have checked the box " Show more restore points ".
In fact, Win 10 does not even have that box. Just one restore point shown.

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Could you explain your dual boot configuration? Are both OSes on one drive, and are you using MBR or UEFI.

Also it might be helpful in you could tell us your settings in System Protection as to which drives have Protection enabled in each OS and How much Disk Space each are using.

I have heard of Restore Points being overwritten but not exactly sure why. If each OS is only setting Restore Points for one partition, its own OS partition, the Restore points on the other partition should not be overwritten.

I do a form of Dual Boot, but I do not use a Boot Menu and do not have problems with Restore Points being removed. How often do you think your Restore Points should be created?


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What is the problem and why are you mixing up restore points and image backup. I really don't know what you want to accomplish with Bitlocker and registry hack nor do I fathom your problem.

Restore points are partition spaecific and are taken whenever there is an event that warrents a restore point (program install or uninstall, updates, etc.). The dates of the rstore points correspond to such an event. If you have 2 different OS installed, the restore point pattern is going to be completely different depending on the events in each OS.


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My problem is solved by using this tutorial.........

So far the Win 10 restore points which I created manually after the registry hack have stayed put.
This matter is considered closed.

Adding .....
I assume it is safe to say that the tutorial was not created because one person posted an unfathomable question.
I further will assume it is safe to say that quite a few users have encountered this issue, hence some one published this tutorial.
Perhaps, the Guru hat and other exemplary badges were too tight and heavy making one forgot that one did not, could not and would not know everything. Come on down and be a real human....once in a while. It won't tarnish the shining accomplishments.

To those who don't have this issue on dual booting.... all the power to you. Just remind yourself to check the list of restore points once a while.

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