Screen goes black...

I have begun having an occassional problem.. Been on Windows 7 for a few months now, and a problem JUST started happening in the last week or so. Every now & then, my desktop is completely black, no wallpaper, no icons, nothing. I have my taskbar, and any programs show up fine.. I can even right click on the desktop & the right click menu comes up fine. I can hit the show desktop button & everything pops up fine, but as soon as I open any other window, the desktop is gone again.. wallpaper & all. Does anyone have a clue about this?

What video card are you using? Which driver do you currently have installed for your video card?

This exact same problem happened to me a couple times while I was using build 6801.. the solution for me was to simply use a different driver for my gpu.. I was using the ATI Preview Driver for Windows 7 so I had to uininstall that and use the latest available Windows Vista driver instead... that solved the problem for me.. perhaps uninstalling your current gpu driver and installing a different one will also solve it for you... ;)

Running a GeForce 8600gt... there was a prerelease driver update available through windows update.. installed that, and for the time being it seems fine. Just odd.. have never had anything like that happen before.

Intel 2.4ghz Core2 Quad
8gb DDR2 800
Abit IP35 Pro MB
NVidia GeForce 8600GT
2.8Tb total HDD
28" 1080P Monitor

That is odd.. I'm glad to hear it's working fine now.. I never use the gpu drivers that come through Windows Update.. ;) There's nothing wrong with them, it's just a preference thing.. :)

Generally I don't either, but I figured with Windows 7 being in Beta, there wouldn't be any nvidia support.. HOWEVER, I just checked their site, and there is a driver released yesterday, so I am going to install that one.

can you check your event logs for an error:

Log Name: System
Event ID: 5719

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