Security on Network Drives


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I have a NAS drive (a Zyxel NSA310) on my network which I am trying to use for backup. Whenever I try to access this drive from a Windows computer connected to the same LAN (e.g. to create a new folder on the NAS) it says "you need authorisation to do that". How do I get authorisation? The Zyxel drive only seems to allow me to create permissions for local users. If I am logged onto my Windows PC as \\ROWAN_XPS8700\RowanB, and I have an account on the NAS as \\NSA310\RowanB, when I try to access the NAS, does it use the permissions that I have set for \\NSA310\RowanB, or does it treat me as an unknown user, and therefore block me? How do I access the NAS as the user \\NSA310\RowanB when I am logged into ROWAN_XPS8700?

To be honest, it would be much easier for me if the whole of Windows Security could be completely turned off. There is no-one on my network who is trying to break into anyone else's confidential information. Therefore all this security stuff which gets more and more complicated and difficult with each Windows release accomplishes absolutely nothing for me, other than prevent me doing things that I need to do (like backup my data).

Thanks - Rowan


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You'll typically have two sets of permissions for network storage shared as CIFS shares. Local and network with local taking precedent over network permissions. You can setup the local to allow all access and then lock down directories with network permissions.