Windows 7 Short Cut Icons... Remove that pesky litte arrow??


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Dec 4, 2010
Moncton, NB
Hi Everybody,

Just a thought, All of my desktop icons have the usual arrow identifying the icon as a shortcut.


Since I already know these are shortcuts, I wonder if there is any way to remove that arrow from all of the icons?

If anyone can give me direction to do that, it would be appreciated.

many thanks,
Thanks Pat,

I did review the several methods of removing the shortcut arrow, and sadly found it to be a bad idea in general. Thank goodness I followed the principle of making a registry backup before I started to fool around.

Microsoft does use this overlay (somehow) to manage how the Start Menu and Task Bar behave and removing the registry comments also removed my ability to attach and detach items in both areas. Yikes! Loosing the visual shortcut arrow wasn't worth the effort.

But the process was fun to experiment with, and making a backup first made it all worthwhile.

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