(Solved) Deleting Old PCs From MS Account


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I have had several PCs over the last few years. I just bought a Surface Pro 3 for a trial. During set up, there were about four PCs listed, but neither of my two current PCs.

How can I edit the PC list to get it current!

I read somewhere that it is supposed to be updated automatically after some time period. This is obviously not working for me.

Any help will be appreciated.

Best regards, Jim


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OK, back again with the same problem. I decided to put my Surface Pro 3 back to factory conditions. And during the procedure, I had a choice of several PCs to use as the source of setup information. (Also the choice to install as a new PC.) And once again, all but one PC was old and no longer in my possession. The Surface Pro 3 was the only PC in the list that I currently have. My other PC, a UX303LA, was not in the list.

So, once again, how do I get the list of PCs in my Microsoft account corrected?

Thanks for any help.

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