sound wont work on my HP


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That would work.
I appreciate your co-operation, and I will continue to assist you.
Maybe we'll get a remote control app installed so I can take a look for myself
Talk to you tomorrow,
Mitchell Anthony

thank you so much, i appriciate it a lot, i didnt think someone would stick with me for so long, but i will deffinatly talk to you tomarrow


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My goal, as the owner and operator of a small tech business, is to assist customers to the best of my ability, and always go above and beyond, even for internet strangers :)

sorry i havnt been on all day, ready for round 2?


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Sure thing :D

Of course now the internet doesn't work at the house I'm at now. Ugh, is there a way to do whatever you were talking about last night without internet connection? I'm currently on my blackberry typing this

k jk, internets working again, where you would like to try to start?


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Actually, My Remote Account program is down for maintenance until tomorrow
But here's a description.
I'll send you a link, you'll download a file, click Accept in the program and I'll take remote control of your PC.
Your privacy is taken SERIOUSLY.
When the remote session is over, you just close the program and I no longer have access.

alright, so do we want to try and coordinate a time? so we dont have to sit and play phone tag persay haha


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Ok, what's your time zone? Mine is Atlantic (Canada)

k im an hour behind you then, im basically free all day tomorrow so its up to you


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Ok, it'll likely be sometime in the evening.

alright sounds good thank you

ok im on, let me know when your ready


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I'm really sorry, I'm leaving right now and won't be back for a while.
Tomorrow for sure.
Sorry, again.

its alright, tomarrow around the same time then, thanks still for helping me


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WOOOPS totally forgot about this.,
We still a go?

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