Windows 7 Submit your desktop!

I find it too busy too. But the graphics are nice. Can you create something with customize-able background image? And just one button with dropdown menu for favorite all programs probably?

Cheers! :)
Hello, guys. Brand new rookie here.
After a lot of attempts with Rainmeter and docks I've decided not to use them, since they use RAM and CPU resources, and my lappy is, let's say, a granny. But IMHO I achieved a good result with the amazing HUD theme, some beautiful icons and a carefully chosen wallpaper, which gives room for the icons. I also turned the laptop into a JARVIS PC, but think this thread is just to show the desktop layout. Here you go:

Hi. It looks good, but you should try Splinter. It uses zero CPU and very minimal RAM. It will get you where you want to go, within the desktop environment. Look a few posts above to see some of the things that can be accomplished with it.
Thanks a ton, mate. Gonna try it, be sure. You see, Rainmeter was adding a lot of heat, you know? And I'm obsessed with keeping things cool, if you know what I mean. My 4 years old lappy has never had a blink of an issue, thanks to my meticulous care. Rainmeter could spoil the whole thing. Splinter, your turn now.
Thanks again.
Here is a link to my dA splinterface gallery which has all of my publicly downloadable splinterfaces
Nice job. Those SS were taken with all skins loaded, right? I mean, one is able to use just 3 or 4 if he/she wishes or it's all or nothing? Dumb question, I know, but just to be sure. Like someone above said, I'm not fond of too much information.
As a side note: I was born in a wrong period. I wish I was young and motivated like you guys. Developing stuff like yours and mainly video games would be a glory for me.
Current Desktop @amerisphere :


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This is my windows 8 desktop which looks very much like Windows XP. Thanks to Classic shell which gives you the Windows XP start menu on 8 as well as on Windows 7.

Windows 8 Pro..JPG
But... but.. why?

Only teasing, if you want your desktop to look like xp then who am I to say otherwise..
Yes it is kind of taking it to the extreme as Windows 7 and Windows 8 are not Windows XP.
Here is my Windows 7 desktop. When people see my computer some thing it is Windows XP but of course it's not. I still have Windows XP on one of my other netbooks, but Microsoft has now stopped support for it. So I won't be using it very much now. Though most of the software from Windows XP works on Windows 7 and 8 anyway. So you can move the XP software such as Windows Movie Maker 2.1,XP Paint and Wordpad,Mplayer32, and XP Sound Recorder onto windows 7 and 8 and it still works on there.

Windows 7AB.JPG
Windows 7 AC..JPG
and this is my desktop. I like it in that way in order to use Win7. Actually I'm a fan of the xp skin, but unfortunately some programs don't run on xp anymore^^ so what kind of user am I? :)