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There are two basic ways of running a full recovery from an Acronis image. First, if your system is still bootable you can start it from within Windows and it will restart to run the recovery. Second, if your system has become unbootable, is to boot from an Acronis bootable cd which you create from withing the tools of the Acronis installation. Either way it will recover your full system drive at a stroke in about 20 minutes. On the MS front - I have been of the opinion for many years that the operating system should be just that and utility programs such as backups should be separate. Microsoft and Acronis each have years of experience in their respective areas and they should each focus on them.

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I recovered with Acronis 3 different times in less than 20 min. I booted from CD even though the system was bootable. Booting from the CD Windows and any AV or security software are not running to cause problems. The rescue CD runs from a Linux app that's the way I make my images also. Acronis lets you find single files with Windows Explorer and copy without doing the whole restore. I also partitioned my HD with the system on one and data on the second. Then you can do separate images for each.


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You make a bootable restore disk in Acronis and then you boot from it and restore your computer from the backup file.

You don't have to boot into Windows to use it, if that's what you are asking.

If your computer won't boot it will restore your drive back to that way it was when you backed it up.

You don't have to install Windows first.


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