toshiba laptop black screen.

ok im just going to put it out there and say i have absolutely no knowledge with computers or technolagy really. i got my first laptop last year and it worked fine till now. its a toshiba. but everytime i start it up it. goes to a black screen saying check cable connection! pxe-mof : exiting intel pxe rom. no bootable device-- insert boot disk and press any key.
i dont know what the heck it means. also i hit f2 or f12 and it pops up with a lot of selextions i once again dont know about. i would go get it fixed but i just dont have the money? help please

do you hear any sound when starting up(beeps,hardrive,etc)??

When using F2/F12 do you see an option for "last known good configuration"? If so select that and follow instructions and then report back with your results.


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If it is referring to PXE, that might mean the primary boot device is set to a network location. Have you checked the bios and made sure the primary is set as the correct hard drive in case of a Legacy install or a Windows Boot Manager in cases of a UEFI install. A boot device menu should show your options, so see if one of the options is listed and select it.

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