Trouble installing a second drive, which is IDE

Michael Scott

New Member
to be fair 100mb of slack is nothing, hardly worth the hassle to reclaim. Glad you finally have a working PC anyhoo...
It's not the 100MB (factory/stock) partition I'd be worried's the 10GB I increased it to when I was attempting to repartition and make a spot large enough to reinstall Win7 without having to reformat. When the shop got things back up and running.....Easeus immediately kicked in and resumed the 'expansion' job I had been attempting two days ago.....around the time everything hit the fan.

So what I'm wondering now is whether it's worth the "risk" of attempting to resize that 10 GIG partition back to the 100 MEG size that it originally that I don't need to reinstall Windows after all.

Agreed that 100MB would be nothing.......but at 10GB, we're talking genuine real estate. :)