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Windows 7 Upgrade Vista Ultimate to RC - missing control panel


New Member
May 7, 2009
I've tried this twice now (on the same machine) and each time Control Panel won't work; it doesn't open. If I change the start menu to show links to Control Panel applets only some of them work; User Accounts, Display, Power Settings, Windows Update and others just do nothing. This means I can't adjust my display properties to get the correct alignment of my dual monitors, among other things, so I've given up on it meantime.

Has anyone else had this problem, or any suggestions on how to overcome it?
Upgrading is not the way to go as it leaves hundreds of files that are useless and just taking up space.

I would recommend you download th RC directly from Microsoft and do a "clean" install.

Don't choose the Upgrade, choose the second one below upgrade
Thanks, I'll try a clean install. I think MS want upgrades from Vista tried out, and a lot of people upgrading in future will want to do that - pity it doesn't work.
I believe Microsoft will provide a way to do a "clean" install for upgrading.

In the past when you upgraded, I always reformatted the hard drive, and then Windows asked to the the OS disk you were upgrading to to validate it's an upgrade. Since it's now in ISO formatted I don't know if this is possible, maybe they will just ask for a key from the previous version of Windows.

As with Vista, PC manufactures do not give you a DVD with your purchase.

They now use the factory recovery partition to re-install

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Solved it: it was because I had Directory Opus set as an Explorer replacement. Removing that setting caused the control panel items to work properly.
Thanks for posting back with the solution.

i too have Directory Opus and it's one great Explorer Replacement, but I chose not to replace Windows Explorer.

It's on the right-click menu anyway.