USB ports not being recongized as 2.0

reformatted (instead of just installing a new copy of windows over the old one) ...I installed the chipset drivers and everything. System BIOS has USB 2.0 enabled, and set to high speed. Legacy support is on. Lets say for the sake of argument that this is an issue on the hardware side, possibly related to the MoBo. How would I go about diagnosing/fixing the problem?


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I do not know of anything that could do more about diagnosing your problem that you haven't done. There is software that would measure your transfer rates, but it seems you already know that. Since everything necessary is set up correctly, there is still something that is not recognizing the USB 2.0 devices. A new motherboard may be needed.

Before you do that, perhaps blow out the unit in case some dust might be causing a problem. Before you decide to replace the motherboard, you might want to try unplugging the unit and use whatever procedure ASUS recommends to reset the bios. Some boards have jumpers, some systems seem to be able to hold the power button for several seconds or whatever else. Resetting the bios to it's defaults might even help, but make note of your settings before you do that or the other procedures. There is always a chance some glitch in the bios is causing the problem.

Maybe someone else will have another suggestion ....

I reset the bios, nothing really changed unfortunately.

I noticed there're some jumpers around the MoBo, is it possible that they're not properly configured? If that were the case, could it cause the slow-downs?

I cleaned out as much of the dust as I could, to no good result. I think I'll just take my computer to Geek Squad and see what they can do. I'm covered by them by my computer's warrenty, or else I'd never go near the place

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