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After misckicking on windows reset, i turned off my computer the cancel the process. When i rebooted in windows 10, none of my usb devices were working. I reset my computer and still nothing. I pluged in my old purple connector keyboard and it did not work as well. Help!!!


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After misckicking on windows reset
So you started a factory reset then canceled out of it before allowing it to finish?

1.In that case, I would backup any files over the network if its still there or remove the hdd and place it into a working windows box to do it that way.

2. Insert the windows 10 disc/ usb and re-install the system... you have two basic options:
a. a fresh install, wiping everything and starting back at the blank windows or,
b. an advanced recovery install... basicly installs windows into the same folder as the old one and tries to replace the system files without buggering your other data.

The b option can save time but it just depends on how much stuff (3rd party software will need a re-install before it works) is also on the system.


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Thanks!!! Just as you replied I fixed the problem. I stared to re install windows 7 on my pc, however before it allowed me to it attempted to boot win 10. I simply booted back to win 8 and everything still works fine. Hope this helps anyone who encounters the same problem. Thanks again.


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The USB ports stopped working for me the other night. Windows 10 is riddled with bugs :(
Again you are not very informative
Please goto Device Manager:
- Rightclick on 'My Pc' select Properties > Lefthand side column, top item.
Are there any query marks showing up in front of a device?

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I had two of my USB ports stop working just a week ago.
I did as suggested and went to Device Manager, and saw that they were shown as not working.

Then right click on the device, select "uninstall" and next at the top or the column, right click on my account name.

Select "Scan for hardware changes" and the ports started working again.

I don't remember where I found this fix but it worked for me.