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    I am having major networking issues.
    I’ve two systems that I’m trying to network. One’s a laptop running Windows 7 Beta (Build 7057) and the other is a desktop running Windows XP Pro SP3.

    I’ll detail the problem first, and then describe what I’ve done to eliminate the problem (but failed miserably so far). The desktop (windows XP) can see the laptop (W7) and has access to the shared folders and everything. No problem on that account. The laptop (W7), however, cannot see or access the folders on the desktop (windows XP). I want complete and smooth sharing between the two systems.

    The network is setup in the following way:
    Motorola Modem --> Wireless Netgear Router --> Desktop (wired) and Laptop (wireless)

    The desktop and laptop are assigned ip’s from the router.

    I turned off the third-party firewall (Kaspersky) on the desktop as well as the Windows Firewall and also the Windows Firewall on the laptop (W7) and tried to run the network then but no go. The computers can, however, ping each other.

    I’ve installed the LLTP (something something) on the desktop (XP) but that didn’t really do much except for making the XP desktop visible in the Network Map tool on W7.

    On W7, network discovery is ON, file and printer sharing is ON, public folder sharing is ON, password protection is OFF. The network location has been set as private as well.

    On XP, I ran the network wizard but again no change.

    Strangely enough, I can access the shared folders on XP if I type //computername in W7 and I’ve full access to them then. But they just don’t show in my network folder.

    I’m at a loss as to what to do next. I’ve been going through the forums and one of the solutions people seem to be offering is that I should make matching user accounts and passwords on both the computers but that just sounds messed and impractical. It’s the least efficient way of solving this problem. Can someone please help?

    I just want a simple file sharing network for my home. Office comes later, there i’ve a domain so that’s gonna be a completely different sorta headache I guess :/
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    I will explain how I setup a Homenetwork of 7 computers 1 running Win 7 X64 Build 7057, 3 running WinXP Pro SP3, 1 running Win2kSP4 and 1 running PCLinux OS 2007 and another PCLinuxOS2009 using a Buffalo Airstation Wireless Router WHR-G 125 with the two Linux Computers and Windows 2000 SP4 connected via motherboard integrated NICs (the Wireless adapters ,PCI cards and External USB types, I have have no Drivers for these OSEs) while the other 4 are on either PCI or USB Wireless adapters. They are able to see each other on Network on each of their respective monitors and can share files and printers amongst them.

    I made sure I have the Windows VISTA x64 driver on the PC with the PCI Wireless and Integrated NIC declining Win7's offer during the setup to automatically find and connect to my existing Homenetwork.
    After all install was completed I tried to connect to my homenetwork ONLY AFTER changing the default WORKGROUP to the actual workgroup name I have given earlier to each of my non Win7 computers in the Homenetwork so that all of them go by the same "family name" or "last name" so to say. Next I went to the Device Manager [ Windows key +Pause/ Break> System Properties>Device Manger] and made sure no error symbols are near any of my devices . If there is , I used the CD with VISTA X64 driver and Updated the driver by Rt clcik>Update Driver Software...> Browse my computer to driver software> and point my Optical drive letter containing the Driver CD. Update is almost always instantaneous with disappearance of error flag.

    The next thing is to update my network drivers again the same way as above using their repective CDs with VISTA x64 driver until "successful update" displays.

    Finally I come back to desktop> Start>Control Panel> Network and Sharing Center >View network status and tasks and see Buffalo Wireless Router. If I see that as Public I double click and change it to Home Network in the next 3 options screen (Home Network Work network and Public network)
    next I clicked the Change advanced sharing settings from the left pane of Network and Sharing Center and chose the appropriate radio buttons for "Turn on...." Network discovery and File and printer sharing options to enable the computers to be seen and files to be shared by everyone who has access to your secure firewalled computer. I chose to under Public sharing the Turn on option

    I had to do additional steps in my Linux System but I made sure I have the same login name and password in all my computers beacuse it is My homenetwork and I awnt to share all assets quickly:)

    I have had no problem and the Wireless network has WPA2-PSK security and 128 encrypted password and Windows firewall in Windows Pcs and Linux has no antivirus or firewall although I can use:)
    Hope this help you.

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