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I don't red Gabe's tweets, but he probably said something like oh yes, we know about that, it will be fixed in a future build, yada, yada,yada..

It is never wasted when you learn something... I have a much better grasp of networking that I did before I started..


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Agreed... all such learning goes in the positive column.
My thoughts are (yes you practically nailed what he said "know about it / working on it") that in instances where the behavior that we're seeing, which seems to be different from one instance to another and is more or less attributable to a bug may be time ill spent until that particular bug is actually resolved and we see what the behavior is, post-fix.


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I sort of enjoy finding bugs., and if you have been keeping track, when they list known problems with a particular build, they usually leave many out. You would think, after 8 or 9 months, they could have correct some... Different configurations seem to have specific problems. Like the sound right now for a lot of folks. I realize Microsoft may have to wait for a driver from a Manufacturer, but some of the problems are all on Microsoft.

Most information provided to Microsoft is provided via the telemetry. The feedback program may only have limited effect. But you must remember, in prior beta testing, we got builds which actually had problems corrected. In these builds, particular problems are not even being addressed until later. I suppose the bottom line might be, we have a plethora of problems we can check for in the RC, that will be were the Rubber meets the Road..


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As Trouble said in another thread. Some of us have been around for a while, on the bug fixing thing. I got my MVP status from bug fixing XP, but that is another story.
But, maybe because I am getting too old and meaner, I am bored with bug fixing and perusing help forums. I honestly think that every bug, (and here I am not really talking about bugs/errors on a Beta product, which, hopefully, will be rectified, I am only thinking of the big picture) has been discussed, somewhere and repeated ad infinitum over many forums. I have a huge "Dbase" on a spare HD, which has many of these solutions listed.
I believe that many have the same, or, if younger or more capable, committed to memory. My very poor attitude these days is , when I see a new complaint, wait a while and someone will take it up and offer a fix.
I am not suggesting this is a bad thing! But I can see a trend. Persons/users who are not so knowledgeable, or au fait, with browsing, can join a comprehensive and reliable forum such as this, and save themselves a lot of browsing heartache.

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